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20 Feb 19
Full Press Coverage

The Super Bowl 53 Champion New England Patriots have their 2019 schedule set and the big question remaining is when will the games be scheduled. After three straight Super Bowl appearances and four of the last five (with three wins) the Patriots will have their share of prime time games. The NFL has a rotating […]

20 Feb 19
Now My Wings Fit

“Run, rabbit, run!” she said, but the bunny shook its head. “I can hop as fast as you like, miss, but we would never call it a run.”

20 Feb 19

Beards used to only exist on hippies and homeless, neanderthals and ninnies. They belonged on the board walk, not in the board room. In the forest on a lumberjack, not on Wall-Street with a CEO. They were for those that didn’t care how they looked or didn’t have the means to not have one. Not […]

20 Feb 19

Since Louie Simmons first came up with the reverse hyper it’s been one of the most coveted pieces of equipment for many a powerlifter or strongman. When we heard about the plans for a DIY reverse hyper over at GarageGymReviews, we had to give it a shot. The foundation of our current outdoor gym area […]

20 Feb 19
Marilyn's Room

But it was a pretty good act, wasn’t it? You probably couldn’t see me at all — for, like 8 or 9 days! Except maybe for my quite comely yet furry little ears…. Anyway, yes! I’ve been away from the blog! I’ve been hard at work doing stuff! Like working on a new chapter in […]

20 Feb 19
Byline Times

Seen historically as Germany’s sleepy neighbour, Austria – and Vienna in particular – is having a moment all its own. Don’t miss it.

20 Feb 19
The Tea Shop

I’m back. Those were the only two words on the press release that Michael Jordan’s agent, David Falk, sent out to the NBA, The Chicago Bulls, and the entire world as he triumphantly returned to the basketball world after an 18 month sabbatical. Now, I’m not arrogant enough to claim that I’m the Michael Jordan […]

20 Feb 19
Hacking Anarchy

For those who don’t know, HackTheBox is a service that allows you to engage in CTF / Red Team activities against a wide variety of targets. If you are interested in Red Teaming or InfoSec in general, I definitely recommend you to check it out. The “Active” box was one of my favorites so far. It […]

20 Feb 19

  Warm up / Preparation: Run 1 minute Skip 2 minutes: work on / include some DUs Hips: squat walk and hop until you feel loose + leg swings and hip ROM Shoulders: ROM, partner stretches, bands With a bar: 2 x [5 shoulder shrugs + 3 good mornings + 3 Pendlay rows] **GMs without […]

20 Feb 19
Northern Plunder

The Bloggers in the Attic is a discussion chain created by Camilla @ Reader in the Attic. She has put together a small group of bloggers who’ll discuss a common topic covering the whole month which allows for us all to share our unique experiences. Her hopes are that it’ll create a discussion space that […]

20 Feb 19
Rishabh Vashishtha

Robert Rodriguez’s new film, which was infamously placed through studio development hell for some 19 years, finally makes its way to the silver screen. Despite its lengthy development, however, ALITA: BATTLE ANGEL still comes out as a half-baked, inconsistent film that fails to conjure much cinematic magic beyond its unique, hyper-stylized visual inventiveness. The film […]

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19 Feb 19
Horsfall Home of Happy

Happy Tuesday friends! Today I want to chat about fitness. I feel like certain fitness fads come and go. I have done a number of different things to try and stay fit. After my oldest was born the Nintendo Wii was super popular. And so of course we had one and I can remember getting […]