23 Jul 19

タイ バンコクに行ったことがある人はちょっと欠けた不思議な高層ビルを見たことがあるだろう。その名も「キングパワー・マハナコン」は、スカイウォーク・レストラン・レジデンス・免税店からなっているタイで2番目に高い超高層ビル(2019年7月現在)Do you know King Power Mahanakhon? The 2nd highest building in Bangkok and We can enjoy the skybar 77th floors!

22 Jul 19
CSUS Ghana Study Abroad 2019

I had a great food experience in Ghana from eating fried fish caught that day and Jollof rice at the coast restaurant in Accra to eating duck at the skybar in Accra. But the same can’t be said for everyone, there was a few in our group that had special dietary needs that were hard […]

21 Jul 19
Drama Milk

IU is throwing shade and condemning ghosts to die while taking their money in the process. She is a ball of everyones worst nightmare and I love her for it. Though I am not sure if I root her for it. Her redeeming qualities need a kick start in the rump that will hopefully come in episode 4. But for now, let’s get on to episode 3!

19 Jul 19
CIM Business Events

Thailand has been a perennial favourite for events and shows no signs of flagging despite an increasingly crowded and competitive market particularly in the ASEAN region. There are lots of reasons behind this continued success but if there is one theme that acts as a constant it is that in Thailand anything is possible. Neighbouring […]

16 Jul 19

What Tourist attractions to do? If you looking for some fun activities in Saigon then here’s a few below. There not in order of what’s best as there all worth seeing. First the Chu Chi tunnels. With out going into to much detail. The Chu Chi tunnels is about an hours bus journey out the […]

15 Jul 19

His upcoming album ‘House Of Sugar’ will be released this fall.

15 Jul 19
Gina the Explorer

Going to Ghana was probably the biggest culture shock I have ever experienced. It’s a world away from the UK,  you’re tired from your anti-malaria tablets, probably have the runs from eating too much spicy stew, and are covered head-to-toe in greasy DEET spray. But once you’re over the initial side-effects, and have adjusted to […]

13 Jul 19
Et dryss kanel

  Forleden ble jeg spurt av en venn i London om jeg kunne komme med noen Oslo-tips, fordi en kompis av ham skulle besøke byen for første gang. Det kunne jeg, så klart! For noen dager siden fikk jeg også spørsmål her i kommentarfeltet om jeg kunne lage en guide for Oslo, så nå slår […]

13 Jul 19

So following a very busy first day, having been awake for 30 odd hours! 😣 I got an early night and slept for 13hrs! I woke feeling refreshed and ready to go, albeit a little late…10.30! I decided that due to lack of time, blisters (courtesy of malfunctioning shoes!) the best option was to use […]

12 Jul 19

Terence Davis played basketball at Southaven High School and continued to Ole Miss. Now, he’s moved onto basketball’s biggest stage: the NBA.