22 Feb 19

1. Genting When it comes to family fun, Genting Highlands is one of the first few choices that will come to mind. There’s definitely a reason why it’s so popular with families! The breathtaking view from the top of the highlands is enough to keep people coming back for more. For the best view, get […]

21 Feb 19
Global News

Since Saskatchewan announced stricter rules for semi training, the amount of road tests have more than doubled ahead of the new standards taking effect.

21 Feb 19

This is gonna be a weird ride. Alcohol or a purring cat might help get you through. THE BUCKET LIST One day in my youth, I was at Disneyland, strolling through Old Fantasyland, when I was shoved to the side by cast members as the Anaheim Fire Department’s ladder truck made its way to the […]

21 Feb 19
The Norwegian American

Shopping the “Minnesota Scandinavian Nice” way Victoria Hofmo Brooklyn, N.Y. Retail therapy? Huh. As one who hates crowds, shopping in New York, where I live, is not something I relish. It is a battle. How can that be therapeutic? Yet, I know lots of folks who turn around a bad day with a shopping spree. […]

21 Feb 19

Our latest guest blog comes from Charlie, a first-year PhD researcher in the Architecture By Design program at the University of Edinburgh.  His research is on the architecture of prisons, and perhaps someday he will design you a new home. I’m a doctoral researcher studying the architecture of prisons with the goal of developing improved […]

21 Feb 19
I Can Do It!

Our trip to Sydney was AMAZING. Let me share it with you. We took Scoot to Sydney. When we reached the Sydney airport, we took a van to Hyde Park Plaza. Hyde Park Plaza was a service apartment. That evening we went to the Sydney opera house.