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20 Jul 19
Dillarddresses Blog

TIP! Buy a lot of basics. You will lose money and time by focusing too much on trends that will look out of date within just months to a year. Do you like to look good? Do you love thumbing through fashion magazines? This means you are a lover of the fashion world. However, you […]

19 Jul 19

I’ve been on my slimming world journey (jeeze that sounds naff) since January. I’ve lost 2 whole stone in that time, with a blip after my holiday. Let’s be honest it wasn’t a blip I was like a pig at the trough for 7 whole days. But overall I’m so much more happy with the […]

19 Jul 19
The Journey of Buckner 612

On the planet of running a blog, it’s a bit bizarre for me to put up a homemade BBQ sauce recipe the week after the 4th of July instead of right before it. 1. Here in best bbq sauce 2018 , the weather doesn’t get good enough for barbecue weather until July 5th. So, I’m […]

19 Jul 19
BAREFOOT LUXE - Blog Asia luxury travel, best spas & wellness, top hotels, resorts, barefoot luxury lifestyle

Rain was lashing against the airplane window as we landed in Phuket and I was taken aback.  It had never occurred to me that it might be raining during my island getaway at Keemala Phuket resort.  It was June –  still the soft launch of rainy season in Thailand, and not the real, heavy flood […]

18 Jul 19
The brilliant blog 1223

There are numerous medications for animals and excellent vets. When picking animal canine beds, there are a couple of things that you require to consider. Memory foam bed mattress assist with temperature policy. It looks like whеn it was "pre-9/ 11," traveling wіth уоur animal wаѕ a lot simpler than іt iѕ now. While the […]

18 Jul 19
Christ's Pieces

Join us Friday 26th July for OPEN TABLE … Bouncing off van Gogh’s ‘Noon Rest’, Psalm 23, and welcoming winter hibernation … bring SOUP, DRINKS &/or TASTY BREAD to share, with dessert provided; come with a story to tell in response to the stimulus on the topic of “How to Find Rest”.  … More details at

18 Jul 19
A Novel Approach

I’m a busy woman who isn’t getting any younger or thinner or well-rested. My house is a disaster, my birds are longing for more attention, my dog needs more walks, and I have stuff to do for a bunch of groups in which I participate. So why do I spend so much time on Facebook? […]

18 Jul 19
Ariane Sherine

The first boy I ever kissed was Seth*, a boy at my school, when I was ten. Seth was my mum’s friend’s kid, and I would go over to his house to play after school on a Thursday. Though only three months younger, he was in the year below me, so thankfully didn’t realise how […]

17 Jul 19
The Pan-tastic Nook

As of right now (at the time that this is posted on Pantastic Nook), Apple is hosting a promotion for Apple iPhone users, where the iPhone user can trade in their iPhone for either an iPhone XR or iPhone XS. Previously, I owned the iPhone 7+ and I’ve owned this phone for about 4 years now, […]

17 Jul 19
Best Friends Go Travelling

I think today is Wednesday 17th. There has been no internet for over 24 hours and I am getting used to having to manage without it. I hope my friends on the other side of the world will realise that I am not being deliberately impolite not reply promptly to their emails and What’s App […]

17 Jul 19
Drop Weight, Gain Muscle - Why Stick With Fat When You Can Easily Have Muscles?

Weight loss exercise programs are all over the internet. It's simply a matter of selecting one that will fit your individual habits since if you have the determination to do it, you do not need to pay for an exercise program that's made just for you. Diet Pills Available Online Without A Prescription School groups […]

16 Jul 19
Fat Girl Slim

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken. — Oscar Wilde. This is the first post on my new blog. I’m just getting this new blog going, so stay tuned for more. Subscribe below to get notified when I post new updates. So the best way to start this is to say that I need to […]

15 Jul 19
Fat Girl Blog

I may not be there yet but I’m closer than I was yesterday — Tessa Scivier. I have decided to blog my Slimming World journey with other bloggers. I feel writing things down help me understand what I’m doing and focus more on the next day. I have been on Slimming World since January I […]

15 Jul 19

My weight loss journey has been happening for most of my adult life. I’ve tried nearly every weight loss method out there – Slimming World, Weight Watchers, Rosemary Connelly, Slim Fast, Orlistat, The Hay diet, CICO, Aerobics, Gym to name a few. The results were always the same I’d lose a stone or three, then […]

15 Jul 19
Fight Flight or Die

Are there ever days when you feel like giving up? I do and when I do I turn to this blog and notice it’s been a while since I posted after writing in previous posts  I promised myself  I was going to blog everyday, but never do, why don’t I? I wish there was someone […]