22 May 19

INTOWN REPORT for 5/23/19 – 5/29/10 THURSDAY, 5/23 5 Star Bar – Conflict, Foze Comun, Destroyed in Seconds, + End Result 1720 – Pat Lok, + DJ Hoodboi Alex’s – The Damned, + Jello Biafra’s Incredibly Strange Dance Party All Star Lanes – Rearranged Face, R.Clown, Economy Music, + Liposuction Bootleg – Knife Knights, + […]

22 May 19
Shalloween Heights

Drumroll please, there is a new graduate in town, and that’s me! I am the second to graduate from my nutshelly-nuclear family, right after my amazing dad, who solely financed my education, since kindergarten to college. Also, I am the only known biology graduate from my typical brown extended families from both maternal and paternal […]

21 May 19
Grabsticks Drums

Back in the day, Premier was a drum company renowned for its innovation. This included coming up with kits that were costly to produce, and with hindsight, not every Premier production made sound business sense. It was good news for us drummers though. The company left behind a legacy of very individual and collectable kits. […]

18 May 19
Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine Blog

I hope readers of this blog, and listeners of the podcast, have been following #CASEMCON2019 on their social media feeds this week. The Canadian Academy of Sport and Exercise Medicine (CASEM) has been conducting its annual meeting in Vancouver these past several days, and is scheduled to wrap up today, May 18.  I have learned […]

17 May 19
Sam Ash Used Gear

Slingerland Chrome Steel Snare in good condition. Everything about this is seriously old-school from the strainer to the internal mute to the molded case. Need loud? This will wake the dead!

16 May 19
518 Bites & Sights

I don’t hide the fact that Bake For You are some of my favorite cookies in the Capital Region and now, I’m excited to share that they announced the date of the opening of the new location.

14 May 19
98 Acres in Albany

Monday, November 25, 1963, a day of mourning after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, provided a brief respite from the noise and dirt of demolition. “No clouds of dust, no crashing sounds rose from the South Mall demolition area,” Dick Weber observed in the Knickerbocker News. The following day, demolition resumed. And conditions […]

11 May 19

American forces and civilians living in Honolulu, Hawaii were devastated when a shocking attack occurred on December 7th, 1941 from the Empire of Japan. Hundreds of Japanese fighter planes launched against the military base know as Pearl Harbor wrecking lives.

10 May 19
Book and Sword

Ancient historians have been in the big open data business for almost 200 years, with Mommsen’s establishment of the Corpus Inscriptionum Latinarum to publish all surviving ancient Latin inscriptions in 1853. Right now there are two competing projects to create an encyclopedia of quantitative data on world religious history which could be subjected to statistical […]

07 May 19
The Columbia Paper

GREENPORT–A house that faces demolition for a strip mall has architectural and historical significance, reported Paul Barrett, a sales agent for TKG Real Estate and a historian. Speaking at the Hudson Area Library’s Local History Series session April 11, he said the house, on Fairview Avenue near McDonald’s, has been known as the Farrand House, […]

07 May 19

The latest salvo in the saga of the moralizing gods comes from Whitehouse and Francois. Following two critiques of their recent Nature paper on the role of moralizing gods in the evolution of large, complex societies, one by Beheim et al. and one by Slingerland et al., they have posted a preliminary response on co-author […]

06 May 19

Students in grades 4, 5, and 6 at Fletcher Elementary recently showcased their self-designed bridges at the annual bridge building competition at Vermont Technical College. The project supports students’ design process skills and teamwork. Below are reflections by four students on their experiences. Bridge Building Competition: Crushing the Competition! By Camrynn Slingerland, Grade 6 Have […]

10 May 19

Image source: “As a young, teenage girl, I gave my mom lots of trouble. I was always running away from home. I never stayed in school. I was in and out of juvenile hall. My mom has since deceased. I am so sorry about how problematic I was for my mother. My mom’s long-time […]

04 May 19
Sam Ash Used Gear

Slingerland Vintage Bass Drum Pedal. The condition of this pedal is a 6/10. This is a vintage piece, but is in great shape for its age. It does NOT come with a beater.