Slinky Brand

22 May 19
Vents Magazine

French-Caribbean powerhouse Adeline (pronounced ad-uh-leen) has been hard at work in the studio this spring, and has several new jams ready to roll this summer. First up: her funky new single, “Top Down” released today. A jane of all trades who sings, plays bass, writes and produces her own music, Adeline’s new track showcases her rhythmic finesse and seductive […]

22 May 19
And Baby Makes 3

After the adventures of Day 1 in the Disneyland Park, we were hoping Edison would have had one of his ‘sleeping through’ type of nights, but no siree! Up and down like a yo-yo poor Adam was. We were taking it in turns to get up with him, alternating nights. This was my night off […]

20 May 19
Parklife DC

Jim James and his band perform at the 9:30 Club on May 17, 2019. (Photo by Matt Ruppert) Jim James has a totemic hold over the indie-rock scene — My Morning Jacket very much a universe unto itself (I bristle at the idea of calling them a jam band). Jim dropped by 9:30 Club for […]

19 May 19
The Life in My Years

When it was my turn I dropped Frank Sinatra. “YOU SAW FRANK SINATRA?” Even the millenials were impressed. 

18 May 19

Samantha Fish The Junction, Cambridge 13/05/2019 Review by Paul Monkhouse Photo by Laurence Harvey Let’s just start by saying this: Samantha Fish is one of THE BEST guitarists you will ever see. Currently touring Europe, she has both the musical chops and the material to put on a real masterclass with her unique brand of […]

15 May 19
Stephanie Vigilante

Written for Broadsheet In March 2018, Lauren Puvi launched her luxury loungewear label, Öösel. Pronounced “err-sell”, it means “at night” in Estonian – her paternal grandparents’ native language. The Adelaide-based designer noticed a lack of luxurious sleepwear at attainable prices. “Other high-end sleepwear brands can charge up to $2,000,” she says. Hers fills the gap […]

14 May 19

Every distributor has their list of favorite brands to use for those simple, everyday orders on a budget, and Alternative is ready to be one of them, with their new “Go-To Collection.” So, why should you be excited about this? Because, it was created specifically for YOU, the distributor. Lower Prices? Tell Me More. “The […]

14 May 19
Hollywood Life

Kendall Jenner looks sexier than ever while modeling lingerie for Calvin Klein, lounging in just a jacket and underwear in their new ad.

13 May 19
Site Title

1. Rubber GETTY, IMAXTREE, COURTESY OF THE DESIGNER “100% Nitrile / Synthetic Rubber” read CALVIN KLEIN’S industrial-grade pencil dress. You’ll never look at your mother’s dishwashing gloves the same way again, with brands taking rubberized materials and molding them into unexpectedly chic silhouettes (like a pair of Balenciaga Crocs).   2.Ruching GETTY, IMAXTREE, COURTESY OF […]

13 May 19
WDW News Today

Calling all toys! The brand new line of Toy Story 4 merchandise has arrived at Mouse Gear in Epcot, and it looks like our toy boxes will soon be overflowing with all these new additions! Let’s take a look at what’s new! Forky Plush – $19.99 This lovable creation by Bonnie of a spork and […]

13 May 19

It’s great to be back at Headquarters where I’m able to show this dress on Stella. A hanger could never do it justice because of the hour-glass fit. What a treat is always is to discover wartime and post-war garments! I also love the slinky synthetics that were popular at that time. So comfy to […]

11 May 19
Dupe Kylie Jenner Style

Kylie Jenner reveal yesteday an important secret that she has been hinting over social media about some time. She has a succesful makeup brand and it wouldn’t be a surprise for her followers and fans, this new upcoming project. Kylie is always praised for having a gorgeous healthy and clear skin. She decided to lauched […]

11 May 19
Footwear News

Move over dad shoes, there’s a new fashion trend in town.