05 Nov 18 blog

    This post summarizes personal reports of community members who attended the 20th Hackfest in Stone Town, Zanzibar the week before the FOSS4G in Dar Es Salaam. Report from Matteo Ghetta QGIS developers spent 3 days in the beautiful island of Zanzibar were they worked on bug fixing, improvement of new features and documentation enhancements. It is extremely […]

30 Oct 18
S.C. Viski Blog

Če bi za osnovo uporabili Talisker 10, bi bil Port Ruighe čistokrven pitbull terier. Škoda.🏅🏅🏅🎗

07 Aug 18
chantrykomori blog backup

boethiah: i once participated in an rp thread where slyr and beyte fyr bonded over cooking and it was profoundly soul-healing so now, as bethesda’s head lore writer, i’ve decided that this is just how it is beyte is a famous chef and slyr is her co-chef and they both work for totally-not-almalexia-in-disguise in her […]

02 Aug 18
Whisky Lady

From Sauerländer, a conveniently small bottle of whisky made its way from the distillery in Germany to a Worli sea facing bungalow in Bombay. Like a few new distilleries, it is a project born out of friendship and a love for a good dram. My host had been to the distillery and shared how open the […]

14 Jul 18

The Ultimate Dramboree happened on the long weekend of July 6th – 8th 2018, this was at the Rowardennan Lodge Youth Hostel (also known as Midge Hell) at Loch Lomond. I guess I can be described as a Dramboree newbie as this was definitely going to be my last one, the first being last year…which […]

30 Jun 18

Am 30. Juni feierte der Verband der Deutschen Whisky-Brenner VDW nach 2017 den 2. Tag des Deutschen Whiskys. In der ganzen Republik drehte sich da bei vielen Destillerien und Händlern alles um das flüssige Gold aus deutschen Landen.

18 Jun 18
Ina and the Mountains

The Bavarian Alps have lots of gems. Schliersee is one of these. A wonderful small lake, a small village and mountains, what else? This location is reachable by train, which is really convenient. Worth mentioning is the Slyrs Whisky site. This is where tradition meets modernization. Pine wood and raw concrete form a pleasant modern […]