08 Jul 19
Whisky Lady

On one of many trips to Munich, I wandered into Tara Whisky Shop on a mission to find something distinctive – preferably at least one whisky from Germany. When the Sild “Crannog” edition single malt was suggested, it had the hallmark of a gimmick… new make spirit from Slyrs, matured in barrels stored on a […]

07 Jul 19
Whisky Lady

Whisky and story telling naturally go hand-in-hand. So what better theme for a Whisky Ladies session than whiskies? We tracked down three distinctly different drams that each had a tale to tell. Here is what we explored and discovered… Whisky story telling drams featured: Sild “Crannog” 3 year Single Malt 48% – From Slyrs distillery, matured […]

02 Apr 19 blog

Currently there are a number of ongoing crowdfunding initiatives for improvements in QGIS that need your support: 1. Diagrams in print layouts, atlas and reports: the popular data plotly plugin for interactive, exploratory charts and diagrams should be enhanced to support embedding in print layouts, atlas serial prints and reports. Details can be found at the North Road campaign […]

07 Mar 19
Whisky Lady

Normally you would only hear about a whisky from me AFTER it has been tasted. However  with my recent jaunts to Munich, I’ve gathered a few German whiskies yet confess I know very little about the industry there… What surprised me most in this recent Munich visit was just how many German brands putting out […]

19 Feb 19
Whisky Lady

From the Speyside region, we picked the gentler Glautachers as our first selection for our North Star Series 5 evening with our Whisky Ladies of Mumbai guest reviewer Nikoulina Berg.  Niko knows her stuff. Experienced in the F&B industry with a career that has spanned Germany, US, Spain, China, Singapore and now India, Niko has a certain flare for […]

17 Jan 19

Interview by Helena Markos ZAGAM is above all a demon who governs 30 Legions in the black Bible. It is a project combining many aspects, the universe is largely inspired by the dark and mystical era of the Black Death pandemic in the fourteenth century. The theatrical side is marked by the traditional dress of the doctor of yesteryear […]

05 Dec 18

Day 5 of advent season is brought to us by the Germans. From the famous region of Bavaria comes Slyrs Distillery supplying their single malt whisky aged 3 years in ex-Bourbon barrels of 100% malted barley. Our sample was bottled at 105 proof (52.5% ABV). This particular bottling was a single cask selection by “That […]

05 Nov 18 blog

    This post summarizes personal reports of community members who attended the 20th Hackfest in Stone Town, Zanzibar the week before the FOSS4G in Dar Es Salaam. Report from Matteo Ghetta QGIS developers spent 3 days in the beautiful island of Zanzibar were they worked on bug fixing, improvement of new features and documentation enhancements. It is extremely […]