29 Mar 19
Daily The Azb

Applying kajal or surma to babies’ eyes is an old tradition in many cultures of the world specially in South Asia. Traditional eye cosmetics ‘surma’ use is a popular practice in South Asia for centuries. In countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh millions of families believe that applying kajal to a baby’s eyes will make […]

27 Mar 19
Sound Books

⭐️ Discover Monstercat Gold – 🎧 Listen Weekly: 🎙 Submit a Soundbite: 🎪 Upcoming Events & Info: 🎹 Tracklist: 00:00:42 KUURO – Afraid of the Dark (ft. Sophiya) 00:03:59 Lil Hank – Hank’s Back 00:07:23 Memba & SMLE – 15 Story Jump (ft. Ehiorobo) 00:10:11 Taska Black – We Would Never […]

08 Mar 19

Grammy-nominated duo SMLE has returned with their new single Counting Down in collaboration with Ella Poletti and the track has perfect summery vibes. I am loving the quirky vocals which sounds amazing and will let you float. Beside, the unstoppable groove is fantastic! SMILE has made impressive music again, Counting Down is a real masterpiece, so be […]

08 Mar 19
The Interstellar Valley

No, this hasn’t magically transformed into a gun blog. The rifle above is the Lee-Enfield SMLE, the tool used by soldiers of the British Empire in WW1 and 2. It features prominently in this alternate history I’m messing with. That’s what I’m talking about today, this writing process. So John Birmingham recently discussed on his […]

06 Mar 19

Getting ready for prometric exam Qatar isn’t always an smooth venture in recent times, specifically for clinical student who end their graduation and finish their residence task. Most of the docs in South and Far eastern countries needs to relocate them to grease rich GCC (Gulf cooperation countries), specifically Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, […]

05 Mar 19

Stakeholders in the mall, medium and large enterprises (SMLEs) in Nigeria have expressed optimism for economic growth in the country.

04 Mar 19
Digital Image & Culture

Read Fred Ritchin’s essay ‘Toward a Hyperphotography’ in Ritchin, F. (2008) After Photography, New York: W.W. Norton. Available on the student site:PH5DIC_After Photography_Toward Hyperphotography Look at the websites Ritchin discusses. Can you find any visual examples of ‘cubistically unmasking photo opportunities’? Look for multiple points of view around a single news event or story. Make […]

01 Mar 19
Et Musique Pour Tous

SMLE know how to put a massive smile on your face and they do just that on this Friday morning. Their newest is called “Counting Down” and it’s a glitzy, glistening synthesis of everything attractive in electro-pop. There’s playful synths and keys, dramatic percussion, and an overarching celebratory groove that functions like a rush of […]

19 Feb 19
Keya's Ideas

You fall in love with Rowan the moment you make eye contact. You don’t quite know what to do with yourself, navigating through greeting Andi after many months of living vicariously through her as told by tales in the group chat, numbly noticing that once more, Maroux has bailed—plans have come up, as she likes […]

13 Feb 19
Daily The Azb

In many cultures around the world newborn babies are swaddled to help them settle and fall asleep. Parents are in need to be warned about the risks and after effects of wrapping their little ones too tight. Although the popular cloth-wrapping method, which has been used for centuries, is used to help calm and soothe young […]