10 Feb 19
The Craft Sergeant

Hi Friends! Happy Sunday and thanks for joining me the another amazing FB Live! Today I wanted show you a fun yet beautiful watercolor technique called SMOOSHIN’-LMBO!! In case you missed it! You can always catch my FB Live replay for all my projects on my FB business page! My Stampin’ Sunday’s happen every Sunday at 5 PM EST!! What is Smooshing? Smooshing is a […]

21 Nov 18
Access Winnipeg

Image by accesswinnipeg Christmas shopping for the kids is a lot easier now that Canada has jumped on the Black Friday wagon! Here’s a few of the deals that Toys R Us will be having on Black Friday: November 23 Only: All $14.99 LOL Surprise sets are 1/2 price All Nerf Blasters are 1/2 price […]

04 Nov 18
Win At Shopping

Amazon Deal! Smooshins Surprise Maker Kit $9.99 was $39.99 Free prime shipping. #SCOREATSHOPPING #WINATSHOPPING *prices and promotions can expire or change at any time* AMAZON.COM Smooshins Surprise Maker Kit Which Smooshins will you make? It’s a surprise! Make, customize and collect super cute, colorful smooshy characters again and again! Over 10,000 combinations of characters and […]

24 Oct 18

Peppermint Pattie Replies

theenglishgent: theenglishgent: Follow-up to Marie smooshin’ Connor.  Smooshing is good, but sometimes ya wanna snug and get iiiintimate~ Evening reblog. Really liked how it came out.

21 Sep 18

The Smooshins Surprise Maker Kit is a kit containing a whole lot of smooshy, squishy fun. Instead of just opening a blind bag and finding a squishy character, with this kit you actually get to make it yourself! Before you open the box you’ll need to find yourself 3 X AAA batteries. We hastily pinched […]

31 Jul 18
The Babbling Blogger Strikes Again

So I am here to add to the entry about Smooshins. (see Attention mommies and daddies from a day or so ago) Sadly this one turned out the WORSE of all the ones that they did. This thing is hideous! I love my girls but let me tell you …..NEVER ……AGAIN!!!! Funny thing is I […]

29 Jul 18
The Babbling Blogger Strikes Again

Be very aware when you are buying a super cheap toy on clearance, to still do your research. No this is not a “recall ” awareness post or a possible danger post. This is “OMG WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING????” post. Have any of  your beautiful people heard of Smooshins? The husband and I […]