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20 May 19

Umm….you mean me?“Yes you” “Am John Jackson” Okay, explain to me who exactly is John Jackson? If i was to google John Jackson, about 200 names will pop up of different Jacksons and Johns. What makes him different and distinguishable? leave his image and characteristics. What is the absolute possibility that his name will be […]

19 May 19

What is the biggest problem in our church today? Is it greed? Infidelity? The prosperity gospel? (maybe). To be honest, I can’t know for sure which is the biggest problem in the church, but I know there’s more than one. Nevertheless, if you take a good look at all the issues that do often emerge […]

16 May 19

When I was 11 years old in 6th grade, I was pretty fast, but not quick. I found myself running around the two soccer fields, two and a half times, a challenge in gym class. Mr. Stamous my gym teacher had every 6th grader run this race which seemed like a long distance to most. […]

16 May 19
Dandelion Chandelier

New month, new books! This month’s Book Light is our Dandelion Chandelier curated list of the most-anticipated new releases for June 2019. June reads are always good. So what are the best books coming in June 2019? Our intrepid team has been exploring and here’s what we found.

16 May 19
He Hears Us

For as long as I can remember, my greatest goal in life was to become a wife and mother. For me my priority in life was always to have a home full of love, laughter, and encouragement. Thankfully my dreams came true and I have a wonderful husband and two amazing daughters. Since the day […]

15 May 19
One Saturday Morning

Detroit in the house! What’s up! What’s up! What’s up! Ok, no I am just kidding. I am not in Detroit or from there. Truth be told, I have never been. Well, I have been to their airport, but I don’t think that counts. Although, being in France’s airport makes me want to say I […]

15 May 19
Ari There Yet?

The last couple weeks have been filled with treasured memories – I’ll do my best to share! May 1st aka International Labor Day in Honduras which happened to fall on a Wednesday. Everyone in Honduras is supposed to have the day off, but the school decided to switch it to Friday so we had a […]