19 Apr 19
Farm to School Movie

We are certified onsite Snap-approved micropurchasers on the map here inside of Walmart, and you can be one too from right at home in the comfort of your own Fruit Snuggie with Matching Accessory Fruit Hat for Shoeless PPl. you have to use your imagination.  you are in walmart.  

18 Apr 19

Clutter is an expensive proposition – environmentally, financially, mentally, and emotionally. Our modern lives are consumed by clutter, leading to a society that is in desperate need of a lifestyle overhaul.

15 Apr 19

I walk into the bedroom to find the bed’s been made. My new sequins mermaid snuggie from T.J.Maxx is laid out over the gravity blankets. Arlo reversed some of the sequins to make a heart. I smiled and took a picture. * * * It’s been awhile since a guy has made my bed. Not […]

15 Apr 19

March was fucking bad for me, but I feel like April has not been my best month and it’s been a huge emotional struggle with the rejections and feelings of worthlessness that I’ve experienced lately. So I’m going to go sit down in a dimly lit corner somewhere wearing a Snuggie while watching every Cheers […]

14 Apr 19

I’ve been a subscriber to FabFitFun for almost a year. In this year, I have received some amazing items that are perfect for travel. In fact, I take them on every trip now! Mark & Graham Colorblock Throw This blanket is super soft and light enough to pack. I get cold pretty much everywhere I […]

12 Apr 19
Evil Squirrel's Nest

UNCLE SAM: Damn the torpedoes!  The Shelf’s treasury is down to its last million bucks.  Looks like it’s time for me to put my vast executive powers to good use and collect some more taxes!  Not too much…. just enough to bleed every critter on this Shelf dry.  I’ll need to conscript a sidekick to […]

12 Apr 19
Alien Octopus

Dreamy, wedgy a-frame beachbreak lights up 1 min ago Facebook Twitter Marcus Sanders Martha Lavinia. Photo: Ed Sloane Located in the Bass Strait between southwestern Australia and Tasmania, King Island is a remote and rural slab of land with less than 2,000 human residents and a sh*t ton of rare and endangered birds. It’s also […]

11 Apr 19
Dad Lover Family

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11 Apr 19
The Love of Martinsen 780

Well, no item can do the work for everybody. For each Snuggie, there are 19 products which didn’t make it, states Haire. It isn’t essential that you buy one of the most current products.People aren’t purchasing products, individuals are getting results. It’s constantly best to get the thing after doing some research on it. asseenontv […]

11 Apr 19
The Love of Martinsen 780

Well, asseenontv products can do the task for everybody. For each Snuggie, there are 19 products which really did not make it, states Haire. It isn’t essential that you purchase one of the most current items.Individuals aren’t buying items, people are purchasing results. It’s always best to get the product after doing some study on […]

09 Apr 19
Lorenzo's Chemistry Journal

Part 2: Syntheses Without a doubt, spectroscopy and synthesis problems are the funnest part of organic chemistry. It’s really only a matter of time before they start showing up next to the Sudoku in your Hemispheres in-flight magazine. I can think of no better way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon than curled up on […]

09 Apr 19
brainwave entrainment

Meditation music is music performed to aid in the practice of meditation. It can have a specific religious content, but also more recently has been associated with modern composers who use meditation techniques in their process of composition, or who compose such music with no particular religious group as a focus. alpha waves | eeg […]

07 Apr 19
colorado radio blog

Jeremy Levy back with you for the second part of my Lois Melkonian Blog interview. I recorded this blog last summer at a barbecue that I had at my house. In front of us were some delicious chocolate cupcakes, so we both might have been a little distracted It is a little bit long, but […]

05 Apr 19
where in the world is shaaylo

Today, I ventured into a little town that made me feel like I left the country. Solvang, California is located in Santa Barbara County and holds only 5,909 residents. Established in 1911 by three Danish men who all shared the same goal of creating a Danish town in America- oh yeah, did I mention it’s […]

06 Apr 19
4BVCB Products lopezg.orduño

Canada is a country located in the northernmost area of ​​America, with a population that already exceeds 35 million inhabitants, and whose capital is the city of Ottawa. It is also the northernmost country in the world, and the second largest, with 9,984,670 km2 of surface. Canadians speak in general English and almost a quarter […]