30 Nov 18
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Our top gifts for travel lovers So it’s that time of year that I start to panic about what I’m going to buy everyone for Christmas.  Thankfully, everyone in the family is as equally travel obsessed as me so at least I have a starting point.. So here are a few things that would make […]

26 Nov 18
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Best Sleeping Bags For Cold Weather Camping 2018 Sleeping bags are comfortable as they serve as beds. Shaped in a rectangular fashion, these old school fashions, such as our bag that is Envelop, are wider at the feet for those who go around during the night. This allows a more comfortable sleep for people who […]

20 Nov 18
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Sleeping Bags For Camping 2018 Hiking Camping Guide Selecting a sleeping bag needs you to make a decision in a couple of different areas. REI Co-op Women’s Joule 21: This tote is aimed toward campers who need a down bag but are concerned about keeping it dry in damp conditions. REI employs a soft nylon […]

19 Nov 18
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Top 10 Sleep Bags For Kids In 2018 Sleeping bags can be among the pieces of backpacking. In summer, do not make the mistake of taking a sleeping bag too hot because it’s going to probably not be less than 50°F (10°C) from the dormitory. Except if you plan on sleeping in a bivouac a […]

05 Nov 18
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10 Quick Sleeping Bag Backpacking sleeping baggage are probably the most necessary requisites if you end up setting out on an outdoor mountaineering or camping. There’s additionally a storage sack for when your sleeping bag will not be in use, to allow for the insulation to take care of loft (fullness). But some fashions can […]

02 Nov 18
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Season Sleeping Bags On Evaluation (2016) Recommendations on the best sleeping pads for wilderness backpacking. Comfort cuff around the top of this bag face hot and keeps your head. Ideally, I will purchase a dedicated quilt for 40 level sleeping at some stage because it will weigh less and be packable. The Trespass double sleeping […]

01 Nov 18
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Down Sleeping Bag A trail-tested list of the budget backpacking tents for wilderness adventures. This is one to get a adventure. In a practical rectangle shape, the aptly named Superlight 1 provides lots of room to twist as possible sleep and takes little space in your bag up. The design also means you can rest […]

31 Oct 18
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8 Best Sleeping Pads Of 2018 — CleverHiker Can there be anything better than finishing a long day’s walking, getting some grub and then sliding into a sleeping bag to get a pleasant kip? If on a budget, then try not to worry too much on quality – search for a bag that fits your […]

29 Oct 18
Major Hykr

The Importance of An Emergency Bag It is time to get your Get-Home-Bag (GHB) adjusted for the fall and winter months. Your bag is the one emergency item that you keep up-to-date. It should be stored in the trunk of your car or the utility box on your truck. If you find yourself stranded on […]