Sofa Workshop

25 Jun 19

From a cooking gas shop to a women’s collective making toys from recyclables, meet Gaza’s entrepreneurs who are adapting to a crumbling environment that the UN says will become “unliveable,” in less than a year.

25 Jun 19
The Writer's Workshop

Riding in the narrow backseat of the green VW Beetle, I, aged 7, am wedged between my older sister and brother, ages 9 and 10.  My feet rest atop a hump in the center of the floor, and I am not squished, but I am certainly enclosed.  My father smokes his pipe, and I do […]

24 Jun 19

Chapter Five Xavier A.R.T.C. stepped out. To anyone who had seen him in his state of how he looked, he was Xavier Coppersmith and Xavier Coppersmiths had never existed the day before. But to only Little Puddy and his mom he existed obviously in their minds and short term memory, but record wise, Xavier Coppersmith […]

23 Jun 19
Omidaze Productions - Yvonne's blog

  Contents Executive Summary. 2 Identified Needs: 2 Introduction. 6 Chapter One. The Idea. 7 Chapter Two. The Talking Shop Concept. 9 The Talking Shop – A Cultural Information Centre. 9 The Talking Shop – A Political Information Centre. 9 The Talking Shop – A Creative Centre. 10 Chapter Three. The Talking Shop Pilot – […]

23 Jun 19
The Chillax Mum

After our Art Workshop yesterday, we stayed around at the Library for a bit, as Ah Girl says she wants to read some books. 🙄🙄 Anyways, Woodlands Regional Library had a huge children’s section at level 4 that is very awesome! If I would have come earlier, I wouldn’t need to think about where I […]