13 May 19
Light house

solarforce is a budget flashlight manufacturer. They have a number of different lights in their catalog. Recently, I was asked to review the new Solarforce Y2. It’s an 850 lumen flashlight featuring a focusing (zooming) lens. Here are my thoughts

12 Jun 19

Show your EDC LED lights some TLC & put some silicone on those o-rings & teflon on the threads. JetBeam ArcMania Black Diamond EagleTac Fenix First Light USA Glo-Toob ICON light iTP JetBeam Lighthound Lumens Factory Maglight NovaTac O-Light Pak-Lite Pelican Petzl Princeton Tec Rofis Skilhunt Solarforce Streamlight SunwayLED UltraFire Xtar