Son Of Hibachi

24 Apr 19
Holladay Cooking

Japanese cuisine, including tabletop hibachi & sushi, in an airy, minimalist space with a bar. My son and his girlfriend took me out to dinner tonight for sushi. I love this place! Waxahachie has several sushi restaurants & I have tried them all. Osuba ranks at the top of the list. They have great food […]

17 Apr 19
Natural Household Care

It’s a few days before Easter.  And as I reflect on the cross and the miracle of Jesus rising from death, I am awed once again.  That the Son of God would die for me and you, is miraculous in itself.  But it didn’t end there, he conquered death and our sin, so we can live victoriously now […]

11 Apr 19
Three peas, One pod

60 years of marriage, 80 years on Earth. Last month, we had the opportunity to celebrate my grandma’s 80th birthday and my grandparents’ 60th wedding anniversary with friends and family near and far. If I could relive that day over and over again, I absolutely would.

01 Apr 19
GO-STAGE – Setelah sukses dengan konser Kygo di Jakarta tahun lalu, MME Entertainment mempersembahkan sebuah festival dengan konsep musik dan penggarapan yang baru, Beyond Borders Festival (BBF) dipersembahkan khusus untuk pecinta musik R&B dan Hip Hop yang akan diadakan pada Hari Selasa dan Rabu tanggal 30 April dan 1 Mei 2019 (bertepatan dengan hari Labour […]

26 Mar 19
Jason Cordóva, Author

First off, let me just say that FantaSci was an amazing first year con. Hat’s off to Joel and his wonderful staff for putting on one hell of a convention. There have been very few conventions I’ve been to where I felt like I had come home. This is one of… two, total, with Libertycon […]

25 Mar 19
Life.... According To Jessie

I need to preface this by saying that I’m sure a lot of people have good taste — I just don’t think sushi falls into that category. Now don’t get me wrong — there are a few rolls that I enjoy eating. I can think of exactly three. And they all include cooked seafood because […]

11 Mar 19
lisa07mle's Blog

If you have ever been to a charismatic church circle, or any healthy church you’ve probably heard this phrase: Sonship. Which is basically the truth that we are adopted as God’s children when we become born again. Born not of a physical birth but one in the spirit. When we’re born in the spirit, we […]

03 Mar 19
The Father Apprentice

If you’re assuming this title reflects a negligent parent, who lets their son cut vegetables and fruit with little concern for their safety, you are partially correct. The latter is correct, negligent is inaccurate by all measures! My son does not wield Gingko or Cutco knives. The ones he uses are manufactured by StarPack. He’s […]

26 Feb 19
kool aid

Allstar Asian Buffet is located in Uniontown PA, located next to Walmart and IHop. It is an Asian restaurant, with a buffet and a Mongolian style hibachi. It is a decently cheap option, costing about 7-10 dollars before 3:30 depending on if you get a soda or not. Me and my friends frequent Allstar, usually […]

25 Feb 19
The Journey of Parenthood...

Valentine’s Day is always a holiday that we keep pretty simple and low-key. You can read about how we do Valentine’s Day in this post 🙂  This year we actually left for a ski trip (posts to come) ON Valentine’s Day so that made celebrating the holiday a little tricky. Add to that the fact […]

21 Feb 19
My Life

Life should be all about the little things, I’ve never asked or wanted much . Growing up in a small town being brought up in a family where on summer nights we sat around the hibachi …yes I said that 🙂 that’s what we used then to grill hotdogs and hamburgs yes it took some […]

20 Feb 19
“Only Steph.” 🤦‍♀️ 😂

What I learned, and what it’s like to live without a stove. I’ll share my reviews of delivery apps, and 10 things I love about Home Chef.

20 Feb 19
Raven Ramblings

My thirteen year old is super picky. For example, last night we went out to dinner with my parents for my mom’s birthday. We had Hibachi, and he could not find a thing other than white rice that he liked. (And we made him try everything we all got!) I promised when I started blogging […]

20 Feb 19

Lebron James serves as A&R for this project which the pair reveal they have been working on for some time now. Cardiak reacted to the trailer on his Instagram, shouting out what one would assume as collaborators on a track scheduled to be on the album. A quick text with him confirmed that there is […]