Soul Of Football

21 May 19
Chronicles of Canada Slim

Landschlacht, Switzerland, Tuesday 21 May 2019 This Sunday in Switzerland some folks will attend services in either a Reformed Church or a Roman Catholic Church and both groups will call themselves Christian.     And as the Earth spins around the Sun, from the Dark Continent of Africa to the Canadian tundra, Christians will kneel […]

21 May 19
Productivity Hub

This year, podcasts got funnier, sharper, and even more niche. Our recommendations here pass a vigorous audio smell test. First, the arrival of a new podcast episode must send you into an ethical quandary: How do I get out of at least some of my obligations today to listen to this? Second, you must be […]

21 May 19

DThe Buñuel, the intimate cinema directly under the roof of the Festival Palace of Cannes, is crowded at eleven o'clock in the morning, women and men, 15- to 75-year-olds, normal Calkans and critics. On stage is Alain Delon, and the applause does not want to end, as little as the clicks of the cell phones. […]

21 May 19
Marv Football Sphere

HE’S DONE IT!! The greatest night in the history of Chelsea Football Club! European Champions! They’ve beaten Bayern in their own backyard! They’ve found the holy grail after adventure frought with danger! And Drogba may never play for Chelsea again, he’ll never be forgotten. He’s immortal at this football club, Gary Neville…. Martin Tyler Ask […]

21 May 19
OB Rag

by Ernie McCray

Looking at students,
“The Hornets,”
from the mic
at Lincoln High,

I could feel
my journey
in the city
rising in my memory,

my history
as a San Diegan,
arriving, August, ’62,
with a wife,
three kids,
lacking the money
between us
needed to visit the San Diego Zoo,

21 May 19
Planes, Boats and Bicycles

When we bought our sailboat, we knew the upholstery was a little faded, but we liked the fabric and the salon settee was quite comfortable. We had an elderly kitty, were on a budget, and weren’t too fussy. Flash forward three and half years: Once we discovered there was an upholstery shop near the marina […]

21 May 19

Jadon Sancho (3rd): There are so many reasons why Jadon Sancho has put a smile on the faces of fans this season, whether they be Dortmund supporters, England supporters, or those who just enjoy watching a young footballer running rings around the more seasoned professionals of the game. Aside from the trailblazing Sancho has done […]

21 May 19

ast Kubo, Daisy had ran along towards Bozo, just when Kubo tried to swallow the itch in his heart. Bozo, peeking close at Kubo , had crampled again around Kubo’s renewed hill, breaking it’s finest parts with his tiny toes. Screaming louder, Kubo’s arms spread wide open in rage. “What’s this?” “Don’t scream at me […]

21 May 19

The Management of the Nigeria Nationwide League One (NLO), on Tuesday, decried the sudden demise of Lobi Stars Head Coach, Solomon Ogbeide. It will be recalled that Ogbeide died on Monday morning after he slumped and was rushed to a nearby hospital. He was declared dead on arrival by a doctor on duty. A director […]

21 May 19
The Sundress Blog

Sundress Releases Wind on the Moon by Katie Burgess Sundress Publications announces the 2019 release of Wind on the Moon by Katie Burgess, our 2018 Chapbook Competition winner. The stories in Wind on the Moon fit together seamlessly, creating a world that’s as real to us readers as it is enchanted with love and grief. Katie Burgess uses […]

21 May 19
Emperor Brandon Butler Empire Era Reigns Over The Earth On April 29, 2019 A.D. 11:00am And Forever

The Game Of Football For Denver Broncos Is Like The Game Of Life! Blueprints Plans For Football Plays And Actions That Brings More Wins Than Loses To Play In The Super Bowls Games As The World Of Money Turns For The Football Players! Where’s The Money? If You’re Betting On The Millionaires Dollars That Make […]

21 May 19

When you’re going to hit something on the nose, hit it hard and fast and often. — Aristotle… or Confucius (whatever, I found the quote on the internet)   … Only the flicker Over the strained time-ridden faces Distracted from distraction by distraction Filled with fancies empty of meaning… — TS Eliot from Burnt Norton, […]

21 May 19

The meanderings of two unusual souls on their way to Rome on the back of steel donkeys Part 2 – Tuscan hills The Taro river (which we crossed on day 4) has in our history the importance of the Rubicon, marking the sharp transition to a totally different terrain, the point of no return, no […]

21 May 19
University of Georgia Wire

Pete Fiutak of took on the challenging task of ranking all 130 college football depth charts in the country, providing a brief analysis for each team. It had to be someone, and the Rice Owls are the unfortunate souls occupying the 130th spot on the list, while Alabama checks in at No. 1. Bama […]