22 May 19

FF: Jonathan Grant, Niloufar Shahryari, Le Vona Sykes & Barry Barker IUFB #1: SAMSUNG smartphone & + stylus & charging stand (ceiling) JONATHAN: 949/NILOUFAR: 1150/LE VONA: 1001/BARRY: 550 In addition to the gifts on Temptation Le Vona might also win the Nissan Versa Plus (Std., Guards, Mirror)(A). G: OLYMPUS Tough + SanDisk & tripod ($545): […]

18 May 19

June is shaping up to busier than one might expect.  But first here’s one last announcement for May.  On the 22nd B-Exalted have a choral concert at the Church of St. Mary Magdalene at 8pm. Soloists are Dallas Chorley, soprano; Rebecca Gray, alto; Charles Davidson and David Walsh, tenors, and Janaka Welihinda, bass.  More details […]

17 May 19

FF: Kodie Warnell, Kurt Ludwig, Sharon Watson & Robert Miller IUFB #1: henri lepore dezert shoes (R) KODIE: 450/KURT: 1200/SHARON: 780/ROBERT: 781 Kurt now can win something that everybody can enjoy in PaN, a theater rm. incl. the SAMSUNG 75″ Q6 4K HDTV (J). B: $_748 NA: 4, 5 & 8 P: 8- WIFE BLEW […]

15 May 19
Warlock Asylum International News

Based out of the Kiev, Ukraine, the delectable sounds of the Eurodance trio named Soundstream is truly a captivating experience. Comprised of members Ann Pazyura (lead vocalist), Yuriy Muktarov (rapper), and Denis Timish (keyboardist/producer/songwriter), Soundstream incorporates elements of electronica, rap, and progressive pop sounds into its melodic landscape for an innovative house music experience. Soundstream’s […]

06 May 19

FF: Keasha Hillary, Jaycee Riley (male), Rebecca Bentley & Matthew Yiengst IUFB #1: SAMSUNG smartphone (ceiling) KEASHA: 1K/JAYCEE: 800/REBECCA: 500/MATTHEW: 1001 Jaycee being over by $50 means Rebecca plays Eazy Az 1-2-3. (1): Whirlpool range + WUSTHOF cutlery (D)- $3107 (2): SAMSUNG 65″ 4K HDTV (A) (3): 6prs COACH shoes 5. Jeffrey Essary IUFB #2: […]

02 May 19


22 Apr 19
Sound Books ………still i love you —————————tracklist————————— Aokigahara Online – Kumo t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者 – 新しいあなた Night Tempo – She is so cool but I’m so hot 悲しい ANDROID – APARTMENT¶ – How I feel about you feat Architecture in Tokyo YUNG BAE – Kado AnTgry – Rainbow Road (ft. […]

21 Apr 19
16-pads | Underground Music Production & Culture.

Vintage House Chords | Pads & Stabs Vintage House Chords is a collection of lush one-shot chords full of unique character and vintage vibes. Each one shot is a combination of minor 9th chords played through a selection of instruments that helped define the classic sound of House & Techno – the Juno 106, TX81Z, […]

20 Apr 19

I hope you’ll forgive me if I pause to take a breath before I attempt to tell you who Dean Burry is, a man who wears so many hats one doesn’t always know how to address him. Professor? Composer? Librettist? Maestro? Across all those different disciplines (and even others I didn’t mention) Dean is always […]

20 Apr 19
Festival Flyer

Latest Festival Flyer update from FLY Open Air [ad_1] ☀️ This sunny weather has got us absolutely bang up for summer… in exactly 1 month we'll be dancing in the heat w/ Seth Troxler ☀️ He plays Saturday w/ Solomun (Official), Honey Dijon, KiNK live, CARISTA, plus Jasper James, Kornél Kovács, soundstream, Folamour, La la […]

17 Apr 19

FF: John Lasalandra, Danielle Cooper, Christopher Todd II & Jarmonica Imona-Rusell IUFB #1: iPad Pro + stylus & stand (D) JOHN: 500/DANIELLE: 1K/CHRISTOPHER: 899/JARMONICA: 501 W/ a $98 difference Danielle plays S? for trips to Amara Cay (D) & Hotel Teatro (incl. Rocky Mountain zipline experience)(Melissa)($5507). S?: N 5. Marjean Faber IUFB #2: COACH shoes […]

17 Apr 19
Sasha Sclater

Hello again readers! Trimester has really been thrust into hyperdrive now- so much to do and so little time to get it all done! What I am thankful for is being able to work on my projects from home, using my own equipment and software. Having access to Pro Tools and Ableton has been a […]

16 Apr 19
Festival Flyer

Latest Festival Flyer update from FLY Open Air [ad_1] ☎️ 🚕💨0800 NEED A PARTY 🚕💨☎️ The #FLYTAXI is here to save the rave, dial and ride brothers & sisters! THE COMPETITION OF ALL COMPETITIONS… TO WIN a lift for your crew to FLY Open Air Festival | Hopetoun House 2019 enter by simply sharing this […]