27 Nov 18
Kylee's Blog

Cebu is a small island in the central part of the Philippines, yet it attracts a lot of foreign visitors regularly. Suffice it to say, the tourism industry in this part of the country is very much booming. Despite the fact that Cebu has a lot of similarities to other countries in Southeast Asia, this […]

18 Nov 18

The main goal of investing is making money but you can also make the world a better place by investing. Goldman Sachs has made investments in TBM co, an environmentally responsible company that produces paper out of limestone instead of trees nor water. Investing in this company is good for the growth of the company, […]

12 Nov 18

Yes, ripped jeans are still in style.

10 Nov 18
Welcome to The HOAX Police Blog Site............................................. Choose the Hoax & find the Truth.

Its so Far from Being Flat folks, I have never actually believed the Earth to be flat ever,  I was so into conspiracy but  i thought they have put this out there as a Psyops from the Elites.   I was wrong, it was Eric Dubay Hoax and Scam,  he has made some money over this […]

04 Nov 18


i-remember-this: 3LW killing it in the 2004 Southpole ad.  I also just realized that this ad is 2/3 Cheetah Girls lol.

30 Oct 18
Wider Knowledge

@EconomicTimes : #China will build the country’s first permanent #airport in the #SouthPole which will provide logistical support to scientists and enhance airspace management in the resource-rich Antarctic (via #China will build the country's first permanent #airport in the #SouthPole which will provide logistical support to scientists and enhance airspace management in the resource-rich […]

26 Oct 18
Calgary Herald

He’s climbed Everest without supplemental oxygen. Crossed the Atlantic Ocean in a record 53 days in a rowboat. Climbed the tallest mountain on six of Earth’s seven continents. That means there’s one that Calgarian Laval St. Germain, 49, hasn’t summited and he’s looking to complete the Seven Summit scorecard by climbing Mount Vinson, Antarctica’s highest […]

18 Oct 18
Call Me Crazy

Ever had to turn a negative into a positive? Ever had a label transform your entire life and no matter how much you tried to act like it didn’t bother you, it did? Well welcome to my story! When I was first diagnosed with anxiety and depression many people laughed it off and said things […]

05 Oct 18
Skateboarding Blog Online

Skateboarding and therefore the birth of the skateboard are around since the 1920’s: wherever it all began. skating was slow to begin; however, once it did, it unfold like wild flowers. Throughout the time span of 1920’s to 2012 the skating business and has created comebacks. anytime the business came back, it became additional extreme. […]

02 Oct 18
Sruthi Uppalapati

Volcanism is a process by which magma is transported from the planetary interior to the surface because of various geodynamic processes . The mode of occurrence and style of emplacement of  explosive or effusive lava’s would depend on the physical and chemical properties of the magma (e.g., chemical composition, gas/volatile  content, liquidus density, viscosity, etc.) and the nature of surrounding lithosphere […]

15 Sep 18
oscillations & tunemania

I’m not usually very avant-garde, but something about this texture really pleases me. A couple of Smoke modules from Southpole Parasites are producing the sounds.   In the interest of saving upload time, I only did a two-minute video. Here’s a longer audio clip of the same patch: The only thing in this patch that’s […]

04 Sep 18

EAST MANCHESTER TWP., York County — Authorities are still trying to identify the deceased man who was found in Codorus Creek last week. The body was discovered by kayakers on August 28 and it’s believed that the individual had been in the water for a few days. An autopsy was performed on August 31 and […]