20 Jan 19

Of all the places I have been so far on this trip, Sri Lanka is the one I would most like to visit again. And unlike Egypt and India, I can imagine going there easily on my own. The extra security personnel left the ship when we got to Sri Lanka. We still have our […]

20 Jan 19
The Hystorical Feminist

My philosophy in life is generally, “It’s been done.” Most of the things that we think of as original and new are not that original and not at all new. Building walls, for instance.

20 Jan 19
Archy Worldys

France's "Yellow West" took to the streets on protests against the government on a tenth weekend, despite President Emmanuel Macron's attempts to channel her anger into a series of city hall debates. The President went into the counter-offensive this week as he launched his "big national debate" and spent hours in rural France debating angry […]