20 May 19
Visit Bradford

The Broadway, City Park and the National Science and Media Museum joined by The University of Bradford and Impressions Gallery.  Festival takes place 18-21 July. This year’s Bradford Science Festival will be joined by new venues and partners for four days of out-of-this-world activities, with themes including space travel, chemistry and caring for the environment. […]

20 May 19
Charumathi Mani' s blog

The most interesting facet of one’s life can be the transition from a student to a professional. The change gifts you everything – happiness, anxiety, worry, courage and most of all “learnings”. It’s a profound feeling of having encountered a musty – sweet – salty – spicy phase of life, all at once! Read on […]

20 May 19
stela shakti

Keep yourSelf open to the possibility.
Because magic is real.
Those who seek, shall find it.
After all, life is interpreted through perceptive filters.
Chose the filter you see the world through.

20 May 19

In this two article series, Raj Shah talks about Orwellian literature and its lineages to governmentality.

20 May 19
Scribblers Arena

A close examination of the scene left no clues that could be gleaned. She has disappeared without trace like she had been abducted into space. No one has heard from her in days and she wasn’t due any holidays. Family and friends are all distraught while the police check on every crackpot. These stories rarely […]

20 May 19
Commercial-Real-Estate-Boca-Raton-Florida 561-252-0948 Call Or Text

561 252 0948Richard Lee ArmstrongHighlight Realty Network

20 May 19

Local Houston brewery serving award-winning craft beer, food and wine, and featuring a large patio, and upstairs private event space overlooking the Houston skyline. Boasting a tap room with at least 8 beers, porters and ales, Platypus encourages beer tastings and is both kid-friendly and dog-friendly.

20 May 19

Living in the city means connecting with Nature is a necessary challenge. The air buzzes with wi-fi and radio and microwaves, surrounding us constantly with invisible information. Even when we aren’t engaging with an electrical device, we likely have one near us. Science offers confusing and conflicting ideas about the harm these various waves of […]

15 May 19
Buffalo Sabres Digital Press Box

Schopp & the Bulldog (3:30 p.m.) WGR 550 (12:09)   Bulldog: It’s interesting to both of us that you were speaking to the fan base in public, not in public like on the radio like you have been today and again with us now, but when you were here a few weeks ago. The […]

20 May 19

“Doctor Who’s” Jodie Whittaker is lending her voice to the upcoming virtual reality game “Doctor Who: The Edge Of Time,” developer Maze Theory and BBC Studios announced on Monday. Coming this September, “Doctor Who: The Edge of Time” is an interactive adventure game inspired by the long-running television series’ 55 year history. In “The Edge […]

20 May 19
What Happened to your Band?

Available everywhere since March 22nd, Earthstate‘s debut album is full of catchy choruses, wild riffs, and ambient / modern melodies!

20 May 19
Pierce Vacations

Club vs. Villa Yesterday, we got into the details on Club Level.  Today, we get some background and the pros and cons on villas.  Keep in mind that I will provide a final comparison tomorrow and then you will VOTE! Disney Villas Disney Villas are actually a part of the Disney Vacation Club.  However, because […]