17 May 19
Part-Time Audiophile

Garrard, the legendary turntable company founded more than 50 years ago is back. Well, not exactly back as it was not entirely extinct. Garrards were still made by Loricraft but it was no more than a small evolution of the well-known recipe. SME, the iconic tonearm brand from the UK acquired Garrard in 2018 and […]

12 May 19
Kishor Dhuwe

Break down the job into smaller jobs and work through every with deliberation. Starting with creating a funding by installing the utilities, then here is the way to construct your own metal workshop. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a artisan that needs more room, a metal workshop would be the ticket to a fantastic work-space […]

11 May 19
Part-Time Audiophile

Friday was my first full day at High End Munich 2019. Thursday, the first day of the show, was sabotaged by a combination of a long-ass sleepless night on the plane followed by a late check-in time and, further confirmed by a profound need for a shower. By the time I was suitable for public […]

06 May 19
crowamdic28 montana

Download Stylish Bike HD Wallpaper. Fast and Download Bike HD images and photos. stunning wallpapers of bikes. Download bike wallpapers 100. High quality backgrounds for your desktop and android screens. Best quality best images from 100+ categories in wallsharp Vip Punjab – Vip.PunjaB Download New Latest VipPunjab Dj Punjabi Songs, mrpunjab song Mrpunjab Punjabi Movie, […]

27 Apr 19
Part-Time Audiophile

It’s been a while since I’ve gotten excited over a so-called “budget” component, which is why the MoFi, Wharfedale and Quad room at AXPONA 2019 was such a unexpected surprise. I visited Jonathan Derda and the multiple set-ups and he was commandeering for MoFi–I walked in just when another industry person told him “You guys […]

13 Apr 19
Best Reviews Online

Meet the Spendor A7, the perfect blend of traditional and contemporary UK design and sound. Source: https://www.cnet.com/news/an-elegant-new-tower-speaker-for-upscale-audiophiles/#ftag=CADf328eec

13 Apr 19

Meet the Spendor A7, the perfect blend of traditional and contemporary UK design and sound. via CNET Blogs https://cnet.co/2UznSQm

11 Apr 19

Traveled all night.  Going through the locks makes the ship shake like a earthquake.  I wish they would stop doing that.     Opening up the door to head out for coffee I was surprised to see a hall full of shoes filled with candy!  The night before we had been asked to leave one […]

06 Apr 19
neoi agrotes

Choosing Spend Management Is Simple The building industry develops quickly consistently because of high oil costs and the expanding population. With its assistance, businesses can create a bookable on-line administration platform. Notwithstanding this inconvenience, there are heaps of businesses which don’t generally think they need a venture level IT solution. You may just need to […]

04 Apr 19
Title to be determined

I’m still going through movies adapted from comic books, though I’m starting to run a little low on available titles. This post is about the 2003 movie American Spendor. American Spendor IMDb Rating: 7.5/10 Rotten Tomatoes critics: 94% Rotten Tomatoes audience: 86% My Rating: 5/10 Like the comic it was based on, the American Splendor […]

02 Apr 19
Realities of Life

From beneath the Horizen’s wing, the crown of Dawn rises in spendor. Revealing in the light all that laid in the slumber of Dusk’s watch; Upon the hill do the birds sing, in the wake of the of heights does the ode arise. The elohim spread their wings, and dance in flight. As Adam is […]

24 Mar 19
Craftin' Outlaws

The organizer craft crew behind glittery curtain share who we are most excited about meeting and shopping for the upcoming fair.

17 Mar 19
Tales of a Bookwyrm

It is almost time for my second readathon of March. The Buzzword Readathon was created by Lala @ BooksandLala and runs from March 18th thru 24th. This round it is also being hosted by Chelsea @ ChelseaDollingReads. The challenge is to read as many books as possible with the buzzwords in the title. There are six […]

07 Mar 19
Never Let Me Go

‘The Sovereign Lord is my Strength; he makes my feet like the feet of a deer, he enables me to tread on the heights. For the director of music. On my stringed instrument.” Habakkuk 3:19 I have an issue with focus and tend to jump from one subject to another without any real clear pathway […]

07 Mar 19

I’M ON THE BLOG TOUR FOR THIS AMAZING BOOK. SPOILER ALERT: YES, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND. When the Sky Fell on Splendor Emily Henry Publisher: Publication Date: Format: Finish Copy .     Blog Tour Schedule Week One March 4 – Butter my Books – Moodboard March 5 – Adventures of a Book Junkie – Author Q&A March […]