Spilt Lunch

16 Jun 19
Toronto Sun

Lost in darkness, the train growls and thunders through the unanimous black of the tunnel. The dark seems to goes on and on. Then we emerge from what seems the secret dark of the earth’s heart. It is light, and the sun finds you, and you see the crumpled-paper mountains, austere and macronate, to the […]

16 Jun 19

Well another week that was is posted so time too start the next one. Today the girls came for lunch for Jessica’s birthday, Leo was unmedicated so was a hand full but that meant he ate. I was glad to see them all leave. I offered to make a potato bake for Tasha but it […]

15 Jun 19
DIY Depression

I first heard about A-Camp from the podcast, Nancy. I immediately put it on my list of things to do in 2019. Tickets went on sale in January and the camp was in June. It was nerve-wracking buying a spot because the schedule was not posted, and information of past years was limited. I wasn’t […]

14 Jun 19
Jessica Belmont

Hi everyone, Today is my stop on the blog tour for The Company Files: 2. The Naming Game by Gabriel Valjan. I have my review to share, an excerpt and a giveaway! So, be sure to check it out. The Company Files: 2 The Naming Game by Gabriel Valjan Genre: Historical Mystery, Crime Fiction Published […]

13 Jun 19
Kay’s Adventures

Karen had a niggling tooth while in Canada before joining me. It has become a full-blown toothache along with a painful swollen jaw overnight. The ship’s Dr had a look at it this morning and has taken her to hospital where there will be a dentist. I’m a little anxious but she insisted she did […]

12 Jun 19

THE COMPANY FILES: 2. THE NAMING GAME by Gabriel Valjan on Tour April 22 – June 22, 2019 Synopsis: Whether it’s Hollywood or DC, life and death, success or failure hinge on saying a name. The right name. When Charlie Loew is found murdered in a seedy flophouse with a cryptic list inside the dead […]

12 Jun 19

The Monday after our wedding we flew to Orlando to experience Disney World. With the time difference traveling east and the non existent food on our Southwest flight there, it was way past dinnertime when we arrived at our hotel, the Port of New Orleans – French Quarter. We were ravenous and happily for us […]

11 Jun 19
Journey of a Student Nurse

A few people have asked me to share what I carry around in my bag so I thought it would be a good opportunity to have a look myself and empty out all of the rubbish I had accumulated at the bottom! I am currently on my placement with the district nurses so a few […]

11 Jun 19
Team Stein

Florence (my fourth) has been a lively, fun loving and sweet natured baby and toddler, however there are days where we just can’t escape the toddler dramas.   With four you may think that we would be experts in parenting and that we should be able to handle the toddler phase without breaking too much […]

11 Jun 19
FUEL Bible Reading Blog

Ephesians 3 Once upon a time there was a custodian, Clarence. He spent his days throwing away trash kids had neglected and mopping up spilt chocolate milk in the cafeteria at my high school. His life wasn’t flashy or glamorous. During lunch one day, Nicolas, a student at my school, lost a ring that held […]

10 Jun 19
rev bruce thompson

    We will all be familiar with how the disciples gathered together in Jerusalem and how the Spirit came down upon them like tongues of Fire. People from all around the known world with different languages were suddenly able to understand one another. We will probably have been told that there is a correlation […]

09 Jun 19
Claire & Robin's Travel Adventures

Flew to Kayseri on Monday, June 3rd which was about 1 1/2 hours from Istanbul. Picked up by our guide Omer and driver and it took us about 1 hour to get to Urgup. We are staying at a beautiful cave hotel “Yunak Evleri”.  “Cappadocia, a semi-arid region in central Turkey, is known for its […]

08 Jun 19
The Red-Headed Raconteur

    We planned to spend a week paddle boarding in the glorious summer sun of Croatia. Little did we know, Croatia is currently going through some strange weather. Everyone assured us that this time last year it was 25 degrees and the ocean was 21. Not quite what we had, but it was still […]