18 Dec 18
SportsGirl NOW

Hi pals! I just got home from Gonzaga for the holidays and I am so so happy to be home! This past Saturday night, my dad and I watched the NCAA Division I Volleyball Championships and Stanford University beat Nebraska for the title. I made a cool video that highlights some of Stanford’s players if […]

15 Dec 18

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14 Dec 18
Sunshine & Salt

It’s hard for me to believe my year living as an expat in Australia has already come to an end. The days felt long but the year was so short. I learned a lot about myself and the world around me during my time traveling and discovering new places. I had some of the greatest […]

10 Dec 18

3.5/10 – Not impressed. I wouldn’t recommend. This was marked down to AUD$9.98 from $19.95 in the makeup section of my local Sportsgirl store and when I opened it up to see the beautiful shimmering shades of this baked palette, I thought I’d just scored the deal of the year. It looked so pigmented and […]

09 Dec 18
Mummy Made.It - Gluten Free, Paleo Desserts

  Let’s take a trip down memory lane. To when neon was cool, when children’s entertainers wore no pants (Fat Cat did wear socks though) and telling someone you had a pack of fags wouldn’t give you lung cancer. So much easier. Wearing odd socks meant you were a Punky Brewster fan. A side high […]