24 Apr 19

Sportsgirl Rogail Joseph is a superbly talented athlete who shows how opportunities open the way for one to discover the your sports talent and to achieve; this despite obstacles and hardships that impact on your young life. For 18 year old, first year University of the Western Cape student Rogail Joseph, its her belief in God, her coach, her […]

21 Apr 19

One of our constraint was that we didn’t saw how the user is swimming , is he doing the movement correctly ? Is he use the right technics to swim ? etc .. In fact , a correct coaching is useless if the coach can’t advice and help his swimmer during the exercice by saying […]

20 Apr 19
Ted Loves Lucy

Jane is a delightful vivacious young women. Her thick blonde naturally curly hair which she nearly always wears straightened frames her fair skinned round face. She has a nice tall slim physic. She is the younger sister of Rupert and an older sister to Archie. The middle child. Many years prior at my nieces christening, […]

15 Apr 19
A Little Bit of Everything...

This was one of the best presents I received last Christmas. I loved it not because it’s makeup but because of the thought and effort the giver put in this gift. From the packaging to the actual gift itself, it really matched my personality. 😍😍😍 When my friend went to New York last November, she […]

10 Apr 19

How satisfying is it when the first day of a new month coincides with the first day of the working working!? April did that- and thankfully too because it makes this #nobuy much easier to group into “week” categories haha. As I said in my Editor’s Letter last week… I am commencing another no buy […]

08 Apr 19

“Clothes aren’t going to change the world, the women who wear them will.” – Anne Klein. A buyer turned stylist with an entrepreneurial spirit, Shubhangi Chandra (Shubi), founder of Effortless Allure, is passionate about helping ambitious women become more confident and achieve their goals while looking and feeling incredibly good. Instead of trying to emulate […]

06 Apr 19
Sartorial Preoccupations

I’m going to a wedding in June and for the first time in my adult life, I’ve felt the urge to buy a dress for the occasion. This is a blind spot in my personal style and here are the reasons why: Occasion dressing is expensive in a cost per wear sense I’ve used the […]