19 Jun 19
Ellerslie Football

by EAFC Media Sunday saw Ellerslie travel 29km’s through Pakuranga and Howick down to the Pohutukawa Coast and Te Puru Park to play hosts Beachlands Maraetai in AFF/NFF Conference action. Maraetai translates into English as Meeting Place by the Sea and it’s appropriate that Te Puru Park seems to fit that description with what on […]

19 Jun 19

This short, punchy and irreverent book written by two experienced political communicators, Nick Clelland and Ryan Coetzee, provides spin-doctor secrets for managing the media. There are many people who will have to encounter the media in their lives: CEOs, sportspeople, politicians, social media users, celebrities, thought leaders, academics, bloggers, authors – the list is endless. Spin is a ‘go to’ book that explains what to do when the media comes calling. Whether you’ve done something wonderful and newsworthy or whether you’ve done something you wish no one knew about, this book will teach you how to maximise the good news and manage the bad. By traversing such topics as brand strategy, practical media skills, driving issues, social media, crisis communications and ethics, and using real-life practical examples, Spin is a valuable resource that will help you master managing the media.

18 Jun 19
North West Sound Heritage

“She just asked me one day…‘would I like to wrestle?’” In the BBC Radio Manchester ‘Voice in the Crowd’ series, broadcast 8th April 1972, Eric Purnell interviewed an anonymous wrestler about her working life. We learn about her travels in Europe, the fear of getting into the ring for the first time, and the endurance […]

18 Jun 19

Dig deeper on health The plethora of articles about the pervasive problems of mental health, be they about the police, paramedics, students, models, sportspeople, domestic violence victims and defence veterans among others, highlights that investing millions of dollars into better services may just be a tip of the iceberg solution. What seems more significant is […]

16 Jun 19
Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media

We pay actors to stand in front of a camera and play pretends. We pay sportspeople to run around after a ball or jump over things. They are not paid their mega-bucks to shoot their yaps off and lecture and browbeat us all with their half-witted opinions. Some are learning the hard way the truth […]