Spray Varnish

17 Jun 19
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In a fire, it is vital that the structural steel frame of the building is included correctly in order that the steels do not reach their crucial failure temperature that is among 550°C and 620°C. Underneath this vital temperature, the structural metal exists in a state of ‘Elasticity’ which permits the metallic to bend/deflect and […]

16 Jun 19
Sean Worrall

The Art Car Boot Fair is one week away, alongside some of the recent fruits paintings and ther #43Leaves piece, I shall have a healthy pile of fresh leaf growth on sale on the day, paintings on recycled unwanted cardboard, each one on sale on the day at a price of £5 per painting, all […]

15 Jun 19
Wave eStore

Super Tech Carburetor Cleaner VOC Compliant: Quickly removes gum, varnish, and dirt buildups Super Tech cleaner helps prevent hard starting, rough idling, stalling, high-exhaust emissions and gas loss Won’t harm catalytic converters or oxygen sensors Contains zero methylene chloride Helps maintain performance and reliability Features an insert extension tube for pinpoint application Ideal for use […]

14 Jun 19
The Powertex UK Mixed Media Magazine

The Secret Art Box June 2019 Designer: Abigail Lagden There is nothing better than getting a surprise parcel is the post – especially when it is full of Powertex goodies. So I was super excited to receive and have the chance to play with June’s Secret Art Box. The box didn’t disappoint as you can […]

13 Jun 19

Chris Palmer    This past week I also painted the translucent Crystal Formations from the Bones 4 Darkreach Expansion Set.    They seemed like a nice quick side project to work on while I painted other stuff.    I prepped the figures in the usual way; soaking them in a dish of water with a […]

13 Jun 19
Wave eStore

The strongest name in clear protection is McCloskey Man O’War . Use on interior and exterior wood surfaces to protect and beautify for years to come. It provides superior durability with maximum UV protection which prevents weather damage, resists cracking, peeling, and resists ocean salt spray. Use on wood exterior doors, expensive hardwoods such as […]

12 Jun 19
Rad Industries

Today I am going to write a somewhat nostalgic entry. I will explain my firsts steps in the hobby and experiences with my first radio controlled toy. About 5 years ago I was in a quite complicated situation, and just by coincidence and by a wonderfull Youtube algorithm I found the phantastic world of radio […]

12 Jun 19
Roll a One

I have a lot of trees for my wargames tables and I love the effect they give, sometimes (if suitable) I just add some of them on the fringes whether it has any practical use in the scenario or not. I do think they enhance the overall experience, compared to say a dark green piece […]

12 Jun 19
Vintage Sewing Machines

The next project is a Singer 15-91 sewing machine born on December 18, 1952. She shares her birthday with 49,999 sisters. If I had to guess, I would say that she was manufactured in Singer’s factory at the North Pole. I am of course kidding, but Singer did have factories all over the world. I […]

11 Jun 19

The Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis have always fascinated me.  Much like the ocean, it is that ethereal, slightly unworldly quality they have which is so amazingly beautiful. It’s also a reminder of just how wonderful nature can be. Materials List: Canvas Corrugated Cardboard Powertex Universal Medium in White, Blue and Black Pearl Pigment Powders […]

11 Jun 19
Tinged Blue

It can be a bit overwhelming to figure out all of the types of paint and which one is best suited for your project. These brief descriptions will help clarify things.    PRIMER- Primer is often looked at as the wicked stepsister of painting. When you want to get a job done in as few […]

12 Jun 19

Hi friends! In our quest for optimal health, we can’t neglect the place we spend most of our time: our Home! After long winters of tightly closed windows, non-stop humidifiers and our recent Spring cleaning frenzies and dusty de-cluttering, our homes deserve a much needed cleanse.

10 Jun 19
tiina lilja art

It has been a while since I added to my Toussaints series, so I am pleased to introduce Lilium Candidum, the latest of these mixed media pieces based on/ up-cycled using early 20th century religious prints I have collected from the South of France. The print of the Madonna and Child I started with was […]

09 Jun 19

“What’s the time” in style OK.. Is it me, or is there no clocks anywhere anymore these days? Finding the time when you don’t have a phone with you is like finding a public toilet when you really need to go. There is nothing more rewarding than coming home and seeing a beautiful round clock, […]

09 Jun 19

If you require to paint a large or complex area, a paint sprayer may be the best alternative. These tools come in different sizes, types and rates arrays and also are used by home owners, specialists and also expert painters. Because they’re easy to use and also supply a host of benefits, they have actually […]

08 Jun 19
Pop Art Paintings & Pet Art Commissions

New photo of my client Jeni and Mr.B in front of the painting i did of him a few years ago. It was truely a gift to recieve this picture in my messages yesterday. Mr. B also has a nice big smile on his face! Your pet brings so much fun & joy in your […]

08 Jun 19
The super blog 6561

 There is certainly various a variety of tactics of seek for outside furniture cowl on-line. Talk to a top quality junk eradicating services for risk-free and value-efficient methods to removing trash out of your property. In addition to pricing, you certainly will really need to make sure the services will provide safer and eco-pleasant […]