23 Jun 19
The London Free Press

West Londoners will notice a lot of changes at the old Byron pool when it opens next week, with a “beach entry,” the first outdoor climbing wall, and – perhaps best of all after a cool spring –  heated water.

22 Jun 19
Calgary Herald

Greg Clark’s recent defence (Herald Opinion, June 19) of the proposed Springbank Reservoir Project (SR1) is five years out of date. Yes, the project is stuck, but the blame doesn’t reside with the opposition. We believe SR1 is an example of our regulatory system being strong, not weak. Just 15 minutes upstream of the Glenmore […]

21 Jun 19
Malt Fascination

My backlog of things to blog about is massive. I still have notes lying around from tastings I went to three years ago, and I still mean to use them for a write-up at some point. However, this tasting was only three months ago, so I thought I’d give it a whirl. As with all […]

21 Jun 19
Springbank Dental

It may be very important to recognize that flossing teeth not just keep them healthy, but can enable you to have whiter teeth as well. Flossing teeth removes many food particles which are caught between teeth. Eventually or even removed, these food particles and bacteria can buildup causing plaque and in extreme cases, tooth decay. […]

20 May 19
Rant And Whisky

Hamish Guthrie was the woodwork teacher at my primary school.  Those days when the boys took home crudely constructed letter holders to their admiring mothers while the girls took home needle-worked gingham aprons, baked scones or curried sausages. Mr Guthrie came from Scotland.  To our untrained ears his speech was almost incomprehensible.  To us boys, […]

20 Jun 19
The London Free Press

What’s happening in and around London this weekend and next week