Squashed Coins

21 Feb 19
Life Before as We Know it

Chapter:-Twenty two ********************** For a moment सुमंन्त्र was speechless, he just gawked at king Dashrath,heartiest congratulations मित्र सुमंत्र, but मित्र महाराज that’s impossible,finally सुमंत्र found his voice, I’m not competent for such high secret Services, I beg to be excused my lord excellency, महाराज I’m better off to remain under your shadow, please let me […]

19 Feb 19

Whoa, what’s this place? Yes, after writing a couple of articles for another website and seeking for opportunities to grow this site, I am back after far too long a break. Now, with a little rethink of format, I have decided that voicing my opinions about WWE has several potential benefits. Firstly, it lets me […]

18 Feb 19

(Note:  This is part of a series I’ve been writing about dating in the Tinder era.  All names and identifying info have been changed.  I wrote this piece back in July of 2018.) Chase was one of the first guys I swiped right to the night I fell down my first Tinder rabbit hole.  Chase: […]

18 Feb 19

We descend from Machu Picchu – the spectacular lost city of the Incas,encouraged by the spirited mastery of youths racing down the luxuriant grassy mountain, splitting multiple hairpin-bends to meet appreciative mini-buses’ occupants, before the train returns to Cusco. An occurrence mentioned in travel guidebooks when I first explored South America’s Altiplano between Peru and […]

18 Feb 19
A Grand Peregrination

We decided to only pay for one checked bag on the flight from Cambodia to Thailand so our morning was spent doing some delicate repacking. We had a last swim in the pool we’d had access to for the last few days in Siem Reap and ate lunch nearby before hopping in a tuk tuk […]

16 Feb 19

Maska is my young ginger and white cat, who too often reminds me of my too often baked buttery shortbread biscuits! She is also as sweet as those delicious crumbly treats that I simply must not have at all! Since Maska is such a gentle, adorably calm cat, who never gets into trouble of any […]

15 Feb 19
Rearranged Dictionary

It’s February! Time for this month’s short story! (For those of you who don’t know, I’ve challenged myself to write at least one fantasy/sci-fi short story each month, a challenge for me because I can never keep things SHORT.)   Summary: There once was an island. Now it is dead. This is the story of […]

15 Feb 19
Atari 5200 Super Community

Pac-Man was everywhere in the 80’s.  Not content to stay in the arcade, Pac-Man showed up in home video games, cartoons, board games, and even breakfast cereal.  Yours truly may have even had a Pac-Man quilt on his bed at one point.  I don’t anymore… but I kinda wish I did.  Anyway, my point is […]

13 Feb 19
The Shed In My Head

1. I first met Ricky in 1992. I had graduated the year before into a recession and found work in a fiercely independent record shop called Select-a-disc nestled in the heart of Soho. My job was to file away recordings – vinyl, cassettes and CDs all day, every day, day after day. It was dull […]

12 Feb 19
Guild Wars 2: The Final Frontier

“Exile. It takes your mind. Again. Does it feel like a trial? Does it trouble your mind the way you trouble mine?”

11 Feb 19
Rapid Ecology

This is a series of posts entitled “Reflections on the Past”, by Hari Sridhar. To view the full series visit: http://www.reflectionsonpaperspast.wordpress.com

11 Feb 19

A hostless ceremony and ‘A Star Is Born’ snubbing.

11 Feb 19
African Britishness

However, Lagos as a city is filled with a composite lifestyle of rich versus poor, and clean versus dirty, depending on the side of the divide you encounter. It equally smells, is full of thieves, hawkers and kidnappers, and has a thriving silicon valley.

09 Feb 19
The Square Meal Diet Blog

Few people believe that a fountain, even the Trevi fountain, can bless a coin thrower. Yet many believe that a benevolent power created all things, a belief that is flat out contradicted by the facts. With prayer they seek to manipulate this benevolent power to their own selfish ends. Yet the song and the movie […]

08 Feb 19
Star Citizen Players

Star Citizen Monthly Report: January 2019: via RSI Comm-Link The first Persistent Universe monthly report of the year details all the work done by the Star Citizen team throughout December and January. While the devs and studio teams took a break for the holidays, the early winter months saw a ton of tasks completed, progress […]

08 Feb 19
Bee Swarm Simulator

Changelog: -Added Help! -Squashed those bugs! Coming Soon: -Unlimited cash gamepass -Collectible Coins And more…  

07 Feb 19
Adult Games

Adult Sex Games is the greatest interactive erotic simulation that ever existed. I know you have all been watching pornography for a while and itching to get something different, and this is it. This is your opportunity to indulge in naughty dreams. The game features a countless number of animated 3d tarts all waiting to […]