12 Jul 19
Outlaw's 8-Bit and Beyond
12 Jul 19
Outlaw's 8-Bit and Beyond
05 Jul 19

Whiskey sez: It’s been, what, nine, ten months or so since I last posted a story. Usually when I have a long gap like that I spin you some yarn like the time I got kidnapped by the Trope Brothers, or when I spent a few months taking care of Elpis the Promise Chicken, or […]

25 Jun 19
The Visitorium

Well, this is officially the first year since this blog first croaked itself to already-weary life way back when that I didn’t do any damn posting about Ottawa Fringe. Okay, sure, the otter had a lovely preview piece she wrote for it, bless her, but I had nary a word to say. Not a preview, […]

06 Jun 19
Kevin's Journey

There is something quite beautiful about the multivariant narrative. In the gaming world, we consider a work of this sort to be a sandbox, a place where the interactor can create, destroy, and rebuild. There are confines of course, but you are to do with the sand what you will. This is in opposition to […]

05 Jun 19
A hog management company is hoping to build a new hog farm in Marshall County.  Frustrated farmers and neighbors made their voices heard Tuesday evening regarding their opposition to the construction of the Buffalo Run, the concentrated animal feeding operation (CAFO).  “It’s awful, it can burn your noses it can actually make your lungs feel “squinky”, it can make you sick to the stomach,” Marshall County resident Greg Steil.  Farmers urge everyone in their area to educate themselves about what affects this factory could have on the people.  Sharon DeWeerth, a neighbor who lives approximately a mile from the location where the farm will be built, is highly concerned.  “This is not agriculture, this is not farming, these are factories,” DeWeerth said.  DeWeerth said as a registered nurse she is concerned for the health of her family, neighbors, and community.  “I’m upset because I am the collateral damage of these facilities,” Steil said.  Aside from the health impacts, neighbors are also concerned about how the operation could affect fertile soil. ​​​​​​​ “There’s only so much ground to go around and when it’s destroyed with cement, 5 buildings and 22, 000 animals that’s not good,” DeWeerth.  Nick Anderson, business developer with Illinois Livestock Development Group said he believes people aren’t telling the whole truth.  “Some of it is real, some of it becomes imaginary or intentional because they are opposed to that type of production. They’d like to go back to the way we were,” Anderson said. ​​​​​​​ “My husband and I have lived on this farm for 52 years, and they’re destroying our way of life,” DeWeerth said.  “I understand they don’t like it. They’re upset with it they don’t like the modern technology, what they call “big egg” and what they call corporate America, but I’ll show you a farmer that Nicolas Rippel is, that grew up in this area and wants to re-invest in his home community,” Anderson said.  Previously farmers tried to take legal action against a hog farm in Sandy Creek, but the case was thrown out.   Now they say they are afraid to speak out against the buffalo run farm because they’re worried about threats and being sued.  Anderson responded saying, “We don’t threaten people.”   
02 Jun 19
christopher yu and mus 26

My composition is loosely inspired by some faint memories I have of the XG3: Extreme-G Racing soundtrack, which I heard as a young child while playing the game on the Nintendo GameCube. Listening to the soundtrack after having taken MUS 26, many techniques used to add to the intensity of the tracks become apparent; frequent […]

25 May 19
The Primitive Entertainment Workshop

Howdy folks, it’s Saturday morning, and I’m not feeling particulary creative or capable of spinning any interesting lies today—so I’m going for a “how-to” or, more accurately, a “how-I-do” post. Yesterday, for fun, while I was sitting around killing a few minutes, I drew this little, semi-abstract monster on my phone: I draw fast—the whole […]

01 May 19
STEAM Homeschool Co-Op

STEAM School parents know that outdoor time is a highlight of each day at co-op. Our kids employ sticks, rocks, hammocks, pallets and more to enhance their time outdoors. Whether they are building forts, playing capture the flag, or immersed in their own creative game or pretend play, nature, found items, and imagination are all […]

24 Apr 19

The video takes inspiration from Brian Eno’s concept of Generative Music. Eno has been creating systems for generating music since the 70’s.

18 Apr 19
Blog-It Boy

Hi. How are you? I”m fine. We’ve been watching the Phantom of the opera and Voltron. Speaking of Voltron, we made a huge Lego one that can fit people. It can transform into the lions,also in Duplos I made a Voltron. But it can’t fit people instead we use Squinkies. We went to a Gaudiulet […]

17 Apr 19
Sojourning Smith

Today my poetry notebook takes up the narration of the Day 17 NaPoWriMo2019 poem a day.

11 Apr 19

If you rescue a pets, please rescue me also. If you purchase one, the profit goes to my and my sisters studies. Can you please purchase one mugs? your one purchase is not become my day, it’s become my life.