24 Nov 18

Special Patrol Insertion/Extraction (SPIE) flights offer a unique way to get troops into and out of terrain that a helicopter may not be able to land on. To the untrained observer, SPIE flights might look like a helicopter simply lowers a rope, warfighters clip on with carabiners, and then they get taken for one hell […]

23 Nov 18

You Mess With Crabo You Get A Stabo Shirt New Meme Tee

20 Nov 18
Andre Eger

A 360-degree video from the US Army shows how the military rapidly inserts and extracts soldiers in areas where a helicopter can’t safely land, and it’s insanely cool. The video, taken by members of the Army’s 25th Combat Aviation Brigade, shows a UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter from the 2nd Batallion, 25th Aviation Regiment snatching a […]

18 Nov 18
Vehicle Traveller

This 360 Video Of Soldiers Flying Through The Air While Tethered To A Black Hawk Is Nuts SPIE comes in two flavors, standard and ‘wet,’ the latter being for quickly plucking operators from the water as seen in the video above. SPIE and its closely related cousin, the Stabilized Body (STABO) method of aerial […]

12 Aug 18

Vivprotokolo: Familia kaj individua nomo: Bartek Anna Titoloj uzindaj ĉenome: Sinjorino Loko kaj dato de naskiĝo: Kaposvár, Hungario, 19 junio 1955 Plena adreso: str. Táncsics Mihály n-ro 83, etaĝo 8, pordo 81, HU-1211 Budapest, Hungario, telefono: +36 70 622 1887 retadreso: skajpo: anjo552 Kiu(j)n fako(j)n vi lernis? – Muzikhistorion kaj kantadon Kian mezlernejan diplomon […]

10 Aug 18
Flight Hotel Vacation

Fargo, ND (CNN) — If you live outside of the United States (or, possibly, in it) and have heard of the small city of Fargo, odds are good that it’s from the Coen Brothers movie than won Frances McDormand her first Oscar. But adventurers willing to explore the largest city in North Dakota will find […]