Steak 'n Shake

19 Mar 19
Serendipitous Tales

It had been a long day, that much was for sure, and she needed a burger. It was lucky that a Steak N Shake had been built in her town, as small as it was. So, at three o’clock in the afternoon on a random Tuesday, Ryanne walked into her local Steak N Shake and […]

18 Mar 19
Vegetarian Vacationland

This snuck up on me actually. I haven’t eaten chicken in over three years (that started because we owned chickens, and I couldn’t bring myself to keep eating it.) Wanted to go fully vegetarian but just couldn’t pull it off. Ended up vegetarian almost by accident over spring break last year. Traveled to see family […]

18 Mar 19
JC Flooring

Contents Huntsville city lumber 3312 bob wallace Residential carpet installation. City republican tom bennett’ Shake history. steak I got to say this place rocks, super friendly staff, very knowledgeable and helpful. The buying process was easy and fast and Leo is amazing and super friendly. I will get purchasing my next car from … Hardwood […]

18 Mar 19
Cersei's Island

I have revisited, edited, deleted, left and come back to this blog so many times, and thanks to a friend – who is more dear to me than I think she realizes, as an outside view would likely only label us acquaintances – asked me if I had been writing lately. I told her, “no.” […]

17 Mar 19
Alirien's Haunt

We have returned home. Yesterday, we explored the Galleria again. We were going to try skating, but after half an hour of waiting in line for tickets, we were only halfway through the line. So we walked around instead. There was a small stand with anime merchandise, from which I got a Sailor Mars wallet […]

17 Mar 19
Iron Momma: Total Body Wellness

This blog is the culmination of years of learning through trial and error. There’s been pain, fear, insecurity, and self-loathing – but there is HOPE at the end. And it is that hope that I want to share with you – but before I get there, you have to understand how I got there myself. […]

16 Mar 19
Synonyms for Happy

I was told at about 34 weeks that my sweet little angel baby was going to come early. He was going to come TOO early. Because of this, I was unable to work, unable to go on our last hoorah vacation as just a couple to Asheville, NC., unable to work out……. unable to do […]

15 Mar 19
BYT // Brightest Young Things

Who is this man and what does he know?

15 Mar 19
Orlando Scoop

Happy Freebie Friday!  Celebrate the luck of the Irish this weekend for St. Patrick’s Day with freebies, deals and mostly drink specials (shocking!) sprinkled throughout today’s list.  Corned beef and cabbage, anyone? Save a bundle on food by shopping for specials and sales at multiple grocery stores each week. I’ve rounded up the best deals at supermarkets with […]

15 Mar 19
DC Food Guy

Arby’s is now serving their Mint Chocolate Shake to celebrate the season.  “If you’ve had a long hard day of not drinking a mint chocolate shake topped with Andes candy pieces, then Arby’s has a shake for you. The Mint Chocolate Shake is back!” the chain said. Bar Louie plans a St. Patrick’s Day party for three days […]

15 Mar 19
Ultras & Cupcakes

Manito, IL Winter running.  It has me second guessing life choices.  I re arranged my training schedule to have summers off and do the hard work while the girls are all in school.  It seems ideal until I realize I only ran outside 2 times in February. Polar Vortex, freezing rain, deep snow, hello uncomfortable!  […]