17 Feb 19
SW-N.TV - Schweinfurter Nachrichten

Victoria Eger hat sich beim 60. Vorlesewettbewerb des Börsenvereins des deutschen Buchhandels im Sitzungssaal des Bad Kissinger Rathauses gegen ihre 9 Mitstreiter/-innen durchgesetzt. Als Kreissieger wird die Schülerin des Jack-Steinberger-Gymnasiums den Landkreis Bad Kissingen beim unterfränkischen Bezirkswettbewerb vertreten. „Heute ist ein ganz besonderer Vorlesewettbewerb, nämlich der sechzigste“, betonte Oberbürgermeister Kay Blankenburg im Sitzungssaal des Bad […]

15 Feb 19
Healthy Yan

Spurred on by recent events I’ve decided to write a blog post that I have thought of writing for many years but stopped myself. I was afraid of what it would mean to write it, but I can’t not any more. Without much further ado, a blog post I’ve been brewing for a long time, […]

14 Feb 19

224 academics have written a letter to The Guardian in support of the children’s proposed non-attendance at school on Friday 15th February 2015.  This is in response to a growing movement across the world by teenagers and children to draw attention of their governments to the need for emergency actions against climate change.  Greta Thunberg from […]

13 Feb 19

Shopping frenzy revolves around several times of the year, and to some extent that is true of musical instruments, but those are mostly new instruments. Vintage instruments are a year-round pursuit for serious collectors. We’re seeing that now in Geddy Lee’s tour for his book Geddy Lee’s Big Beautiful Book of Bass. Vintage instruments tend […]

13 Feb 19
Katrina's Passion

DOCUMENTARY Killing for Love (2016) –  Marcus Vetter, Karin Steinberger SUMMARY Obsessed young lovers, obscene murders, a sensational trial, and a shocking miscarriage of justice. KILLING FOR LOVE is a riveting dissection of the prosecution’s case, the courtroom battle played out on television, and the disturbing aftermath. Convicted of brutally murdering his girlfriend’s parents, Jens Soering […]

13 Feb 19
The Rowdies Observer

So where are these guys from? If they went to college stateside, where did they go? What about which high school they attended? We’ve got ya covered. NAME COLLEGE BIRTHPLACE HIGH SCHOOL Brandon Allen Georgetown Old Bridge, NJ St. Joseph HS Shawn Barry Virginia Miramar, Florida Pape Diakite None Dakar, Senegal Jordan Doherty None Yann […]

13 Feb 19
The Rowdies Observer

BY BRIAN MCLAUGHLIN THE ROWDIES OBSERVER With players like Georgi Hristov and Joe Cole retiring, Marcel Schafer, Junior Flemmings and Stefano Bonomo not signed, there’s an obvious question to be had: Who will be the finishers and who will be the distributors within the attack? Sebastian Guenzatti is a natural candidate to have a big […]

13 Feb 19
The Rowdies Observer

BY BRIAN MCLAUGHLIN THE ROWDIES OBSERVER The Rowdies have announced a ton of signings in recent weeks and will be in preseason action on Saturday (Feb. 16) at Al Lang Stadium against the MLS’ D.C. United and some guy named Wayne Rooney. The match is set to start at 7:30 p.m. ROWDIES QUESTIONS: Who is […]

11 Feb 19

Excepcionalmente, porque no es propiamente una de nuestras “socioeconomías”, recogemos este caso de censura de una aportación científica (muy interesante, por lo demás) del matemático Ted Hill por parte de la “Academia” que parece de otros tiempos … (y nótese que el tema es del ámbito matemático; imaginaos en el de las “ciencias sociales”). Dan […]

11 Feb 19

As announced, the investment company ZMH GmbH has taken over the majority of the Viennese startup Digital Hero from Hans Peter Haselsteiner. Founded by Blue Minds founder Eveline Steinberger-Kern, the company offers Energy Hero, an automated electricity provider change service. At the time of its formation about a year ago, investor Paul Swarovski had been […]

08 Feb 19
Jessica Designs

To work on some logos for the website and to work more on my drawings I completed 2/3 of the logos and a new drawing It was hard to make the 3D work with the letters I finally decided to several layers with the text

08 Feb 19
For Club and Country - Nashville SC and US Soccer

The USL’s Eastern Conference was a fun ride last year: there were a handful of teams right near the top, before FC Cincinnati took things to another level (and a couple sides, including Nashville SC, fell down the table a bit). Let’s take a look at those sides that missed the Eastern Conference playoffs, but […]

07 Feb 19
Art Agency, Partners

The laws of supply and demand are a fundamental plank of modern economic theory. So it is not surprising that most people assume that the value of an artist’s work will increase when they stop producing, because of ill health or, inevitably, their demise. In the art market, this is referred to as the “death […]

31 Jan 19
Donald Waugh

It’s not very often I play instruments that make me not want to stop playing… the WAV Radius Bass is one of those instruments. The NS Design bass guitars are all very beautifully designed, with a lot of tone options. The thing that stuck out most to me was the piezo pickup system that Ned […]

30 Jan 19
Ann's Stories

These are transcriptions of the marriages recorded in the Grossgartach Church records from 1766 to 1808, to the best of my ability. Heiratseinträge aus den Kirchenbüchern  der evangelischen Kirchengemeinde  Großgartach 1766-1808 Below is an image of the first page of this record book.  If you would like to see any of the original pages of […]

29 Jan 19
MX Library

Here is the list of stock photography websites that offer hd, free, royalty free images & videos for commercial use for blogs and websites.