17 Jun 19
Frequent Miler

Travel Mileage/Points Increases Merchant Best Rate on 06/17/2019 Best Rate on06/16/2019 Belk 4 (2) mi./$ 2 mi./$ Best Rate History Bergdorf Goodman 10 (2) mi./$ 6 pt./$ Best Rate History Best Buy 2 (0.5) mi./$ 1 mi./$ Best Rate History Glossybox 9 (3) mi./$ 3 mi./$ Best Rate History Happy Socks 5 (3) mi./$ 4 […]

15 Jun 19
The Divorce Lawyer Life

You can’t judge a book by its cover. Well, that doesn’t stop people from doing it anyways. Let’s be honest, 90% of my wine selections are based on the label. Whether it’s book jackets, wine labels, or Tinder profiles, first impressions matter. And, whether you agree with it or not, we are all judged on […]

12 Jun 19
H E A R T Y 🖤 H A R R I S

So by now I’m sure you have heard of many of the popular styled fashion subscriptions out there? You know like Stitchfix, Trunk Club, even Amazon has it going on. For the longest time I was debating on which service I wanted to go with. And I found one I wanted to try more than […]

12 Jun 19
My East Coast Style

Hello friends! Hope you are having a good week so far! Fashion trends will come and go, but there are some summer staples that stay with us season after season. And a white denim jacket is definitely one of those staples. I recently purchased the Icon Denim Jacket (in white) from the GAP and wanted […]

10 Jun 19
Frequent Miler

Travel Mileage/Points Increases Merchant Best Rate on 06/10/2019 Best Rate on06/09/2019 123 Inkjets 18 (9) mi./$ 12.5 mi./$ Best Rate History Abt Electronics 8 (1) mi./$ 2 mi./$ Best Rate History Adidas 10 (0.5) mi./$ 5 (1) mi./$ Best Rate History Ann Taylor 8 (2) mi./$ 5 pt./$ Best Rate History BackCountry 12 (4) mi./$ […]

09 Jun 19
The Preppy Nerd Life

I’m not much of a shopaholic. As a matter of fact, I don’t have many pairs of shoes, and I wear them for years until they fall apart. I recently replaced the most worn out pairs and I’m convinced that I have *FINALLY* perfected my shoe game. Here are 10 essentials for a casual wardrobe: […]

07 Jun 19
My Life As A Rockstar

Hey, Lovelies! Remember when I reviewed Stitch Fix?! If that still wasn’t enough to convince you to give Stitch Fix a try, this might.  I am sharing my referral links with you right here!  All I ask in return is for you to help the blog out by signing up for the mailing list and/or […]

04 Jun 19
Site Title

Trends are often ignored or misunderstood. Open the wardrobes of most of the men and you’ll find some timeless classics alongside the ripped jeans, the 70’s knitwear, Cuban collar shirts, retro prints and much more. Stuff that indicates the trends he likes the most. While there may be a weird fashion that goes quite off […]

31 May 19
Smart Cents Mom

Who wouldn’t want to make extra money everyday? If you could add $50 of extra cash to your budget Every. Single. Day. that would be an extra $1500 per month to pay off debt, build your emergency fund, save for a family vacation, or where ever you need that money to go in your monthly […]

30 May 19

No time to shop? Not sure what to wear or how to accessorize? Here’s our guide to the best fashion subscription boxes to have this year. Imagine pulling into your driveway after a hard day at work. Your boss has been on your back to hit all of your goals. You are physically and mentally exhausted. […]

30 May 19
Synonym Rolls

I ended up ordering a Wantable box and a Trunk Club box at about the same time.  I hadn’t meant to pull the trigger on the Trunk Club trunk. It was more of an expense than I had meant to make, but I was curious.  I’ve always loved Nordstrom and to see that they had […]

28 May 19
Biz Emoji

Chris Davis Loot Crate

Loot Crate, a consumer startup that’s described itself as “Comic Con in a box,” is laying off 150 employees, according to a public filing with California state authorities released this week

The company, which sells monthly subscription boxes for “geek” culture, listed the reason for the layoffs as due to the “closure permanent” of a location in Vernon, California. As of Wednesday, 192 LinkedIn users listed Loot Crate as their employer, so these layoffs would seem to affect a majority of its staff.

However, in a statement to Business Insider, Loot Crate says that the company is alive and kicking — but that it’s closing its in-house warehouse operations and moving to a third-party logistics provider, and that the layoffs were “predominantly our on-call shipping and receiving staff.”

Here’s Loot Crate’s statement:

“This isn’t closure for Loot Crate’s business, and instead is the company transitioning out of our current warehouse operations to a third party logistics company. The employees affected were predominantly our on-call shipping and receiving staff, who were notified earlier this year when the transition process began. Today is simply the final day of our warehouse operations, and we have begun full-time packing, shipping, and receiving for our products through the third party logistics company.”

Part of the themed subscription box boom that produced jewelry-focused RocksBox, makeup-themed Birchbox, and clothing-centric StitchFix, Loot Crate was founded to cater to fans of geek culture, with boxes including swag from movies and TV shows like “Game of Thrones,” “Star Trek,” and “Star Wars.” 

In 2016, Loot Crate raised $18.5 million from Upfront Ventures, Time Inc., Sterling.VC, M13, Downey Ventures, and Breakwater Investment Management, according to Crunchbase.

At its height, Loot Crate was considered one of the fastest growing subscription-based startups, with 650,000 subscribers paying $20 per month for apparel and collectibles, according to a Los Angeles Times report. In 2016, Inc. named it the fastest-growing company in America

Read More: Her first month on the job, she had to oversee a 30% layoff. Now, Tile’s VP of People thinks she’s cracked the secret of building company culture even in the hard times.

This appears to be the second major round of layoffs at Loot Crate since it was founded in 2012. In an interview with the Los Angeles Times in 2017, Loot Crate founder and CEO Chris Davis said that he made a fatal error in growing the business too much, too quickly, following a round of layoffs earlier that year the cut 60 employees.

“We bit off a lot and everyone felt that,” Davis told the Los Angeles Times in 2017. “Trying to get all these different perspectives, skill sets and levels of experience to work together was probably harder than I expected it to be.”

SEE ALSO: Recruiting software startup SmartRecruiters just raised $50 million at a valuation above $300 million. See the deck that sold Insight Ventures on leading the startup’s Series D.

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28 May 19
Life as Louise

We’re not calling it an upgrade because being dog parents is my favorite thing ever. But here it is. The official blog announcement. Probably (most definitely) the reason I’ve felt so blah and tired lately. We’re having a human kid 😊 It’s been eternity since our original “let’s be parents” conversation. Honestly, it’s been years. […]

27 May 19
Frequent Miler

Travel Mileage/Points Increases Merchant Best Rate on 05/27/2019 Best Rate on05/26/2019 Adidas 10 (1) mi./$ 5 (1) mi./$ Best Rate History Barneys New York 12 (2) mi./$ 7 (2) mi./$ Best Rate History Bloomingdale’s 10 (3) mi./$ 7 pt./$ Best Rate History Cabelas 4 (1) mi./$ 1 mi./$ Best Rate History Dell Consumer 10 (1) […]

24 May 19
Today I need a...

Nanette has been a fan of Stitch Fix for a while now and she finally persuaded me to give it a try. I have almost no time to shop anymore and thought this might be a great way to find new pieces, brands and styles. After getting my first box, I don’t know why I […]

24 May 19
The H Hub

Shopping online and finding items you love has never been easier with the rise of direct to consumer fashion brands. These brands are effectively altering the buying experience as they focus on who matters the most: the customer. By taking out the middle man and focusing on creating and delivering a quality product – this […]