10 Feb 19
Fratello Watches

Welcome to a late publishing of This Week in Watches for February 10, 2019.  Apologies, but this is what happens when yours truly tries to upgrade his Mac’s OS after 4 years.  I mean, why fix something when it isn’t broken – well, it finally broke and the fix didn’t exactly work.  Anyhow, I’m back […]

06 Feb 19
Irish Tug of War

Last weekend seen the Irish travel to Piperdam, near Dundee in Scotland, for the British & Irish Indoor Championships. Members of Clonmany B, Rockies, Mountain View, Carndonagh, Stapletons & Cuan Rithe took part. This turned out to be a hugely sucessful championships for the Irish as every competition that they entered had an Irish team […]

31 Jan 19
Fratello Watches

There is no better time to write about this watch than now. I am not sure if it is me or the gaskets, oils and tiny particles in all my 60+ year old watches that don’t feel very comfortable experiencing the temperature shocks of walking from cold streets to well heated meeting rooms. Anyway, if […]

25 Jan 19
UK fountain pens

Next up in the ‘behind the pen’ interview series: Roy van den Brink-Budgen, the brains behind Izods Ink, Montblanc specialists, UK retailer of Leonardo and Nettuno, and dealer in Robert Oster and Krishna inks. I’m a repeat customer of Izods — along with Chatterley Luxuries in the US, I hit ‘refresh’ on the Izods ‘what’s […]

04 Jan 19
Data Visualization Services

In the last weeks I have been searching for the calender equivalent of a Bauhaus style watch. Such watches, notably those designed by Max Bill*, are functional and free from decorative elements. They have a timeless elegance about them. Available German office calenders, for example this Brunnen calender, lack elegance in the details. In fact […]

28 Nov 18

Past weekend was a busy one with back to back Watch Events around the channel here. First we had the revamped Salon QP in London followed by Passion For Watches in Brussels.

10 Nov 18
Small Toys for Grown Men

Hello everyone, Today’s post will be a particularly short one. As finally have to part from my SARB017, which is now for sell, I thought I should seize the occasion to give a few last impressions before it goes away. So what can I say about the Alpinist after nearly 2 years of ownership? ❖Living […]

05 Nov 18
Professional Watches

The fourth edition of the popular Windup Watch Fair NYC took place this past weekend at the bustling Chelsea Market. Started in Soho in 2015, Windup, which is organized by the publication Wornandwound, is the largest watch show in the United States, according to the organizers. Further, the response has been so positive that a […]