18 Jul 19
The Truth About Guns

Oregon Guy sends his “My EDC” for today’s pocket dump of the day, courtesy Everyday Carry. That’s quite an upgraded GLOCK 43 with Streamlight 69270 TLR-6 Tactical Pistol Light with Red Laser.  Glad to see his sights aren’t standard.  Probably some sort of tritium night sights or a fiber optic sight.   He writes that he […]

17 Jul 19

Everyday carry essentials are all of the items you might carry with you each and every day from apparel to accessories. Today’s collection features some of the best everyday carry gear of 2019, and we kick it off the Vincero Men’s Bellwether Chronograph w/ Japanese Quartz Movement. This 43mm case watch from Vincero is constructed […]

15 Jul 19
The Truth About Guns

Just a few years ago the idea of concealed carrying with an attached weapon light was a non-starter. I tried with an old Streamlight TLR-3 and found it too bulky and too hard to find a holster I liked. I basically gave up on the idea of using a tactical light until I got my […]

15 Jul 19
The Eclectic Mind of Ryan

submitted by Everyday Carry Amazon Prime Day is here. Think of it like Black Friday for online shopping at Amazon, but this year it lasts a full two days. So for the next day and a half, you can expect exclusive deals and discounts on thousands of products. There will be tons of deals to […]

14 Jul 19
The Truth About Guns

Greetings and salutations from Corey in Oklahoma who sends his “No Matter What” everyday carry ensemble.  Via Everyday Carry. He writes this about his gear: These items are with me no matter what day it is. I started getting into edc back in 2015 and slowly building it up. A few years later and a […]

14 Jul 19
Gutsy Guns

GLOCK 30 and Streamlight TLR 6 exposed to the elements [3840 x 2560] [OC] Touch here for the full post on Gutsy Guns tumblr

13 Jul 19
Best Flashlight Available Now

The Streamlight Nano Light Miniature Keychain LED Flashlight is a great flashlight for emergency use. Measuring only 1.45 inches in length, the mini-flashlight can be carried with your keys for a reliable companion in any dire circumstance. It comes with an aluminum case with aircraft grade and an anodized finish. Its LED area is in […]

12 Jul 19
h7 led bulbs

All 2005 launch yr 997.1s, including both the 3.6 M96/05 and 3.Eight M97/01, led h7 bulbs replacement – additional hints – use the identical small bearing from the 996 and Have to be Replaced. Big head first gen, small head second gen with signaling switch and a Kel-Lite factory made Streamlight. ” chuckles Harve. He’s […]

09 Jul 19

As discussed by Robert in his own extensive AAR, he and I recently took the opportunity to travel to Alliance, OH to take Will Petty’s VCQB class. In addition to Petty, we also had Chase Jenkins of Talon Defense on the range teaching, as he has recently joined the cadre of Centrifuge Training instructors. I don’t […]

08 Jul 19
Press Release 24X7

LED Flashlight Market Research: According to Planet Market Reports, the Global LED Flashlight Market is estimated to reach xxx million USD in 2019 and projected to grow at the CAGR of xx% during 2020-2025. The report analyses the global LED Flashlight market, the market size and growth, as well as the major market participants. The […]

08 Jul 19

Entirely too often, when we start talking with the average “prepper” type, with their focus on some potential future singularity that will result in SHTF or TEOTWAWKI, we see an emphasis on trying to maintain the status quo as much as possible. This ranges from “I’m gonna stockpile enough fuel to run my BugOut Vehicle, […]

05 Jul 19
Market Report

The global “Soalr Handheld Flashlights” market research report concerns Soalr Handheld Flashlights market by taking into consideration various factors such supply chain, demand, size, manufacture analysis, forecast trends, share, production, sales, growth of the Soalr Handheld Flashlights market. The Global Soalr Handheld Flashlights Market Research Report Synopsis A thorough study of the global Soalr Handheld […]

04 Jul 19

Streamlight announced their latest offering in illumination with there new PROTAC 90. This flash light is canted to a 90 degree angle. The most important feature that catches my attention is the ability to accept three different battery types, CR123, AA Alkaline, and AA Lithium. This feature can be extremely useful when resources run low […]

02 Jul 19
Sportsman's Lab

Having a reliable flashlight is important for a successful deer, turkey, elk or duck hunt. Most of the time hunters will enter the stand or blind before sunrise and exit the stand or bind after sunset. That’s why having the best hunting flashlight for deer, turkey, elk and duck is important to entering and exiting […]