07 Jan 19
Cycles of Life

As a young adolescent kid in the early 1950s, I was a nut about aircraft and aviation.  I subscribed to Air Progress and even the industry’s journal, Aviation Week.  I had files of pictures clipped from those and other magazines.  I went to airports and air bases whenever I could, in an era when going […]

09 Nov 18
Suncoast Diecasters

It’s late but, yes, that’s my weak attempt at some October title humor. My search for better employment (including job fairs, workshops, etc.) takes up an annoying amount of time. So, just get to the photos! October 2018 Original Ken snags this sweet Articulated Truck by Matchbox. Its base states that it’s actually at 1:115 […]

22 Apr 18
Diecast Car Collector

I have been collecting model cars for a long time but only recently have I found any models actually “Made in USA”. I have a lot of Hot Wheels; Mattel is an American company but those models I have are made in Hong Kong, China, Thailand  or Malaysia. It was a surprise to find a […]