15 Dec 18
The Common Thread

Walking through the beautiful Tate Modern there is a wide variety of exhibitions to visit. A modern art museum shows all the familiar fine art mediums; sculpture, photography, moving image and of course painting. What I had not expected to ever see was an exhibition dedicated to textiles. But this was not just any textile exhibition. This is weaving as modern art.

06 Dec 18
Alpine Meadows Spinners & Weavers

Agenda Even with the grey skies, we accomplished much at our last Guild meeting. First off we have a slate of officers that are eager for the 2019 year. Here are the Board Officers: President-Mary Vice President/Program Coordinator-Kathleen Treasurer/Membership-Sherry Secretary-Patty Past President-Sue ANWG Contact-Tanya The guild has purchased a rigid heddle loom (approximately 15 1/2″ […]

03 Dec 18

According to one of Structo, A revolution in dental chairside 3D printing. The world’s first desktop 3D printer with autonomous post-processing. Enabling same day dental appliances with just the push of a button. This is biocompatible dental 3D printing material. The Structo Velox will open up a whole new range of dental applications that can […]

28 Nov 18

The “Global 3D Printing In Dentistry Analysis to 2025” is a specialized and in-depth study of the 3D Printing In Dentistry industry with a focus on the global market trend. The report aims to provide an overview of global 3D Printing In Dentistry with detailed market segmentation by component, wearable, type, application and geography. The […]

26 Nov 18
New Short Stories

The Willesden Herald New Short Stories Story of the Month December 2018: Mackerel Point by Richard Lakin Brenda stood at the top of the stairs. ‘He’s missed us then,’ Colin said. ‘He’ll be back.’ Her role, as always, was to deal with reality, to face up to truth. One of them had too. ‘There’s nothing for us […]

22 Nov 18

According to one of Structo’s founders Huub van Esbroeck, “We are revolutionizing digital dentistry by breaking through the speed limits of 3D printers today. The Structo DentaForm will open up a whole new range of dental applications that can now work with our lightning-fast Mask Stereolithography (MSLA) technology”.

22 Nov 18
Making Histolines

My grandparents grilling on their 1970 Structo grill. An identical grill popped up locally on Facebook Marketplace. I had to buy it. Now, if I could only get them to visit for a cookout…. || via #OldSchoolCool

18 Nov 18
The Poetry Shed

CAIAPHAS November 1990, workers find a limestone box while paving a road in the Peace Forest, South of Jerusalem. Human remains frame a legend, chip-carved Aramaic longhand – remains like the graffiti of the industrial zones and the nightclubs beside the Peace Forest, South of Jerusalem. The Searcher, convenient, practical in a bone box across […]

07 Nov 18
Together Let's Promote Horror

On the 3rd of November 2018, Storgy Magazine ( launched a Kickstarter Campaign for Shallow Creek, an exciting new anthology set in a town with a dark past that doesn’t want to be forgotten. The Horror community has spoken! Seeing the limitless potential for the town ‘that sleeps with one eye open’ funding hit 100% IN JUST […]

04 Nov 18
Tales From The Forest

Sample #1 Perhaps it would have been better, somehow, if this had been sample #142 or #96 or #305, something innocuous and meaningless but no, it was sample number one, the first, and he already wanted to taste it. He’d tried blaming a few other things. Perhaps it had reached some telepathic tendrils into his […]

23 Oct 18
M. E. Walsh

As a writer and artist, I’m always looking for the “underglimmer” – what the Japanese poet Basho described as deeply meaningful or poetic moments hidden in the mundane. My attention is always attuned to these discoveries, being a beachcomber in everyday life, filling my pockets with scribbled passages in lieu of seashells.

17 Oct 18
The Common Thread

  When you enter the Tate Modern’s Anni Albers retrospective, the first thing you will see is a 12-shaft countermarch floor loom standing on a raised dais. It is warped and ready, with a shuttle resting on the woven cloth, as if the weaver at work has just popped out for a cup of tea. […]

13 Oct 18
Lumber Jack News

Hi all! My wife and I just bought our first house. It was built in the 1920s and had a lot of electrical issues: knob and tube wiring, hidden junction boxes, etc. We decided to have the electrical system repaired, and were lucky enough to find this issue before we bought the house, so the […]

06 Oct 18
The Cabinet of Heed

Elijah grasped his fork tentatively and aimed it at his plate. Instead it scraped a jagged line in the varnish of the table top. ‘Oh Christ,’ he said. The joints in his chair groaned beneath his substantial bottom as he squirmed with humiliation. ‘Don’t worry, it could have happened to any of us,’ Ravi murmured […]