17 Jul 19
CTC Plumbing Supply, LLC
07 Jul 19
Fictive Dream

by Mike Fox Two years isn’t that long, but I always thought of Josie as volatile. I wondered if the things I remembered about her might have disappeared. They haven’t. She passes me a mug of water, then returns to the sink to pick up shards of the glass it was originally meant for. ‘I […]

03 Jul 19

Irving Howe once said of flash-fiction, or the short-short story as it’s otherwise known: ‘Everything depends on intensity, one sweeping blow of perception. In the short short the writer gets no second chance. Either he strikes through at once or he’s lost.’ ‘All That Is Between Us’ is a collection of flash-fiction that strikes through. […]

01 Jul 19
First Draft

Discover a new poem by writer of all things strange and uncanny, David Hartley. NB: All words found in the signage and exhibit labels of the Living Worlds gallery at Manchester Museum. Our Hearts Must be Very Quiet to Hear it Aye-aye. Saw wandering domesticated longnose ape. Must be humans. Our great-eyed monitor Dianas, Kirks, […]

01 Jul 19
The Poetry Shed

More Wraith than Friend You’re more wraith than friend, a haunting thing, as if he forced your flesh back into bones, pebbles thrown at the window of my mind, fleeting glances, those smudges on your skin. As if he forced your flesh back into bones, our giggles silenced by his riptide smile, fleeting glances, those […]

26 Jun 19
David Russomano

That’s right, I love maps. You heard it here first. I’m a nerd for them. Whether I’m day dreaming about potential trips or remembering my favourite journeys, I like to stare at maps and let my mind wander.  Throughout my years of travel, plenty of places have inspired my poetry, but after living in England […]

03 Jun 19
The High Window

••••• The Poets Daniel Bennett  • Stephanie Bowgett  • Pam Bridgeman • Arthur Broomfield • Peter Carpenter •  Ken Champion • Renata Connors  • Kathryn Daszkiewicz • Stephen Devereux  • Sarah L Dixon • Matthew Duggan • Alison Mace • Robert Ford • Helen Ivory •  Peter Jarvis • Sarah James • Wendy Klein • Michael […]

22 May 19
Robert Wilson, Auctioneer

Antique, Collectible & Coin AuctionSunday May 26 at 1:00 pm76 N. 1st Street, Newark OH 43055Coins Sell at 3:30 pm.  Buying Good Items, Call or Email for Details.Click Here For Pictures. Glass: Anchor Hocking Ruby Bubble Pitcher & Tumblers, Glass Bowls; Pink Depression; Heisey Ridgeleigh Cream & Sugar, Candles, Lariat Divided Bowl; Imperial; Fenton Baskets, Roses […]

10 May 19
Alpine Meadows Spinners & Weavers

Creativity is an energy. It’s a precious energy, and it’s something to be protected. A lot of people take for granted that they’re a creative person, but I know from experience, feeling it in myself, it is a magic; it is an energy. And it can’t be taken for granted. Ava DuVernay   Every month […]

21 Apr 19
Fictive Dream

by Mike Fox I don’t envy the fish. I’ve noticed how often their dorsal fins protrude above the water’s surface, as if raising themselves that small amount is as near as they can get to a three dimensional existence. Their pond is a long, shallow concrete trough, with paving on one side, the asphalt of […]

12 Apr 19
Mark Russell

                      Structo 19 contains three more poems from Men Who Repeat Themselves. It’s a gorgeous magazine, and this issue includes work by Christine De Luca, Elissa Soave, Claire Dyer, David Frankel, Alexa Winik, and many others. ‘Structo is a literary magazine. It was founded in 2008, […]

26 Mar 19
Dental Yoda

“Next stop, Koelnmesse”. As the tram halted, I witnessed 80% of the its weight instantly offloaded. Clearly, everybody was going to attend the IDS – so was I. With an intake of approximately 160,000 people over a period of 5 days, the global dental industry got a chance to exhibit their products and innovations at […]

15 Mar 19