12 Dec 18

Svenska My names is Wolff and I am a hunter. I live together with my wife in our comfy little country estate upon the mighty, sloping forest plateues of Mukana-Hurikana. Today I am going out hunting for one of the most legendary creatures of the Mukana-Hurikana wildlife. The landmark of creatures. The Loch-Ness monster of […]

01 Dec 18
Encourage Eventing

So, I did a mediocre amount of damage for Black Friday. Mostly I looked for good deals on things I did need, but I also did a bit of a splurge. I shopped online and in store from some of the tack stores I don’t typically frequent, which is always a nice change of pace. […]

05 Dec 18
Fat Buckskin in a Little Suit

I am having a hatefest with Remus lately. He has been a pill to Tate and to me both. The dressage whip is out on full view in the aisle now due to Mr Has to be Served Immediately! Spoiled rotten shit! I may have a person who I can send him to to get […]

05 Dec 18
The Roaming Rider

This is a story about the absolute best customer service in all the land. Seriously folks. It does not get any better than Farm House Tack. I’m fortunate to live about an hour away, but they also help over the phone and online. I can’t say enough about how wonderful they have been to me. […]

04 Dec 18
Jeff Gravens

Here’s a rundown of the 12 books I read in November.  A few days out of the office over Thanksgiving was the spark of the high book total.  Happy reading. With Steadfast Purpose: Essays on Acts in Honor of Henry Jackson Flanders, Jr. edited by Naymond Keathley This work is a festschrift, that is, a […]

03 Dec 18
The Roaming Rider

Time slipped away in a flurry of celebrating Wyatt’s 6th birthday last week and I completely missed my call for hours. I don’t have any for November, so if you volunteered at all please get them to me asap. The saddle hunt has continued despite my best intention to narrow it down to the BC […]

27 Nov 18
Fact.MR Blog

A new study finds that whistleblowers ultimately help increase profit of their companies. Corporate scandals are considered to cost high amount to the investors in the immediate term. However, companies that provide channels for employees to disclose any unethical activity within the organizations are likely to earn more return of assets as compared to firms […]

27 Nov 18
The Roaming Rider

A friend of mine, like good friends do, helped me put things into perspective recently. It isn’t shocking to anyone that I am type A and a perfectionist. Good enough…well isn’t. Thinking back I had a surgical attending tell me during a case in residency one day “Sara, the enemy of good is better.” A […]

24 Nov 18

[ad_1] Corporate scandals can be costly to investors in the immediate term, but employees who blow the whistle on wrongdoing help their companies become more profitable in the long run, according to a new study. In a detailed analysis written by Kyle Welch of George Washington University and Stephen Stubben of the University of Utah, […]

22 Nov 18

La Tribune – 22 Nov. 2018 Pagina 15 Thierry Bolloré reprend en main Renault tandis que l’État français ne veut pas lâcher Carlos Ghosn, dernier pilier d’une Alliance industrielle mondiale essentielle pour le groupe automobile. De son côté, Hiroto Saikawa semble avoir désormais toutes les cartes en main. Portraits de trois alliés aux intérêts divergents. […]

21 Nov 18

Alright fellow equestrians, here we are, the post that everyone loves to hate (or hates to love?)! I hope you’re ready to get some good deals and set your wallet on fire. Some of these sales are already active, many won’t be live until tomorrow or Friday. I’ve included date info where I can, but […]

14 Nov 18
Echo Chamber Uncut

In October I visited two I Ur och Skur preschools on Lidingö, just outside Stockholm City. I Ur och Skur means directly in hour and shower (UR is an old word for clock, or a word outside, or original as urskog means virgin forest (original untouched forest) – it can also be translated as the […]

06 Nov 18
CLS Blue Sky Blog

While external whistleblowing—reporting misconduct to regulators or members of the media— has captured much attention, the impact of reporting misconduct anonymously to management, known as internal whistleblowing, is relatively unknown. Our new study, Evidence on the Use and Efficacy of Internal Whistleblowing Systems, reveals the impact of these systems. Due to the sensitivity of individual […]

05 Oct 18
Wild Atlantic Rider

Back at the beginning of August I finally purchased a new pair of reins. I had been putting off buying a new pair as my old reins were literally molded to my hands! I had tried a few different brands from bridles I had picked up over the years but as the old faithfuls deteriorated, I […]