20 Feb 19
Magic Wave Magazine Sumatra, Indonesia

Stussy – Streetwear Apparel Brand

19 Feb 19
IP Twins - Noms de domains et protection des marques en ligne

Azerbaijan Azerbaijan plans to strengthen the fight against counterfeit dairy products (, 25 Jan. 2019). China Hong Kong Customs seized counterfeit garments with a market value of $ 2.5 million after a week-long operation (Champion, Tommy Hilfiger, and Stussy). Nine people were arrested (, 11 Jan. 2019). Shanghai police dismantled a group of 36 people […]

18 Feb 19
one of one

What is your current role? I am the Head of Marketing for Levi’s – Australia and New Zealand. Describe a normal day in the life of Nicky Rowsell…   A typical day for me is coffee first (always!). I’m usually in the office and checking emails by 7.30am. There’s always quite a few to get […]

18 Feb 19
Not Bape or Supreme

The streetwear industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that many don’t even know about. The industry is dominated by brands like Supreme, Bape, Off-White, Kith, Stussy, and many more. To understand what makes these brands so successful, we must take a look at the creators of the brand. James Jebbia James Jebbia is the creator […]

14 Feb 19

For Spring 19, Slowtide and New York-based artist Kevin Lyons teamed up on a new collaborative towel featuring Lyons’ signature monsters. Kevin Lyons is a creative director, designer, illustrator, and typographer, whose art can also be found on murals across the globe, including at Coachella, Pow! Wow! Hawaii/Japan/Long Beach, Milan Design Week, and more. Professionally, he has […]

13 Feb 19

Greetings, Shredderz! Recently a cool little Stussy surfboard sold on eBay, and given my long standing interest in Senor Stussy’s boards, I figured I would do a quick writeup on the topic. The original eBay listing can be found here; pics in this post are via the listing. The Stussy surfboard pictured above is a […]

12 Feb 19
Talking Pulp

*The Bullshit Series started on an older blog but I wanted to bring these articles back here, as I have new installments for the series that I want to release over time. The series focuses on things that I think are bullshit… like filet mignon, Zubaz pants, the Pro Bowl and diets. *Written in 2014. […]

11 Feb 19

For the year 2019, we have conducted a new comprehensive review of thrillers, drama shows and murder mysteries on Hulu to find out the best shows . This year’s list differs from our previous editions covering Hulu titles in few important ways: We have incorporated the feedback and comments of our readers on what shows […]

10 Feb 19
Rachels Blog

An in-depth look at what binds this shared cultural bond. HypeBeasts are defined as “kids that collect clothes, shoes, and accessories for the sole purpose of impressing others” according to urban dictionary (urban Dictionary, 2019). HypeBeast is a slang word used to describe people who are obsessed with hype in fashion. Brands that are considered “Hype” […]

09 Feb 19
Peter Nguyen

For my final draft of the photoshop assignment I decided to do it about hair cutting. Cutting hair has been something that I have always been passionate about and hope to pursue after college. For my first draft I chose an image off of free pictures. I then chose three of my favorite hair cutes […]

09 Feb 19

They say trends come around in circles. Sometimes, it’s the subtle details like color blocking and interesting patterns that return. Other times, it’s the reinvention of the whole thing that happens, giving the old a twist and creating a new design inspired by the past. As the fashion week season comes to an end and […]

08 Feb 19
Styles and Smiles

It’s winter here in New York, but that doesn’t mean style should be put on hold. The best way to stay warm in this cold area is to dress in layers! I usually wear at least three layers before I head out of the house, and this outfit is a great example of me layering […]

07 Feb 19

When it comes to 2019 fashion, streetwear is still king. Brands like Supreme, Stüssy, and even Louis Vuitton, continue to buzz in circles of hype beasts and fashionistas alike. The rise and reign of streetwear is intrinsically tied to social media, with brands like I.AM.GIA proving that overnight success is just one Hadid or Jenner […]