21 Jun 19
Spruce & Sharp

The criminally overlooked medium counterpart to Suavecito Firme Hold. Is this one better than its stronger cousin? Let’s find out.

20 Jun 19
Wave eStore

This heavy duty pomade is great for hard to manage hair types and styles such as curly hair or a high pompadour [price_with_discount] Click Here to Buy

19 Jun 19
Wave eStore

4 oz [price_with_discount] Click Here to Buy

19 Jun 19
Wave eStore

To create a pomade that did it’s job and was easily obtainable to anyone that needed it. In a small house’s kitchen, a couple of friends and family got together to create a pomade that could be used between them for their nights out on the town. [price_with_discount] Click Here to Buy

19 Jun 19
The misterman's take
17 Jun 19
Crónicas Halal

“MC Sher is really hot,” me dijo una amiga pakistaní mientras comentábamos la película Gully Boy. Esta reciente cinta de Bollywood trata sobre unos hip hoppers en Mumbai, propiamente sobre la historia de un chico musulmán y pobre que rapea su camino del callejón hacia la cima. MC Sher (Siddhant Chaturvedi) es un personaje secundario, […]

13 Jun 19
A Sound Day

Happy birthday to a talented guitarist who’s managed to remain almost anonymous despite having a legendary surname. Jorge Santana turns 68 today. And yes, he is related to Carlos, being that superstar’s baby brother. Like Carlos, Jorge was born in Mexico but brought to the Bay Area of California when young. And like Carlos, he […]

12 Jun 19
Spruce & Sharp

Prospectors Diamond Pomade shows the brand trying to capitalize on the non-drying water-based pomade trend about 4 years too late. Does this one bring anything new to the table?

07 Jun 19
JM Lyrical

Ay Fonsi DY Oh Oh no, oh no Oh yeah Diridiri, dirididi Daddy Go Sí, sabes que ya llevo un rato mirándote Tengo que bailar contigo hoy (DY) Vi que tu mirada ya estaba llamándome Muéstrame el camino que yo voy (Oh) Tú, tú eres el imán y yo soy el metal Me voy acercando […]

04 Jun 19
Where he at?

Have you ever wondered what happened to your childhood school bus? Me neither. I guess I always figured they were all parked in random yards along the Appalachian Mountains, but I’m here to let you know they’ve mostly gone on to a much better and more colorful life. Basically they’re Guatemala’s version of pimp my […]

03 Jun 19
Wizard's Blog

Despacito Come on over in my direction So thankful for that, it’s such a blessin’, yeah Turn every situation into Heaven, yeah Oh, you are My sunrise on the darkest day Got me feelin’ some kind of way Make me wanna savor every moment slowly, slowly You fit me, tailor-made love, how you put it […]

30 May 19
The Hits Just Keep On Comin'

(Pictured: Ringo Starr with Elton John and Marc Bolan of T. Rex, 1972.) I have had quite the backlog of American Top 40 shows lately. This one’s nearly a month gone now, but worth some discussion: the show from May 6, 1972. 38. “Mister Can’t You See”/Buffy Sainte-Marie. Casey notes that although this is Sainte-Marie’s […]