24 Apr 19
Prose & Peace

To be young at heart Emotions big as the moon We keep the sky bright

24 Apr 19
Epämuodikkaita ajatuksia

Katselin tuossa ulkomaan uutisia, ja sieltä hyppäsi silmiin spekulaatiot Notre Damen palon syystä. Itsekin arvelin tekoa heti vasemmiston tai äärimuslien tekosiksi. Sittemin tuli tieto että kyseessä on onnettomuus. Tämä on todennäköisesti polittiisesti motivoitunutta “vaihtoehtoisten faktojen” käyttöä, eli paskapuhetta. Perustan uskoni seuraaviin seikkoihin: Vaikka palo oli alkanut illalla 15.4. Ranskan aikaa oli jo seuraavana aamuna onnettomuustutkinta […]

22 Apr 19
Prose & Peace

music of dancing strings and wood travels from the industrial legs of a piano through the fragile fingertips of a human diving into every sharp key lurks a somber lake gliding across every flat key lies a foggy path yearning with the melancholy of a raven flying with the journey of a dove this piano […]

21 Apr 19
Prose & Peace

shuffling of maps under fluorescent lights Quel est le prochain arrêt? stairwells where rapid footsteps take flight I can’t be late for this meeting single woman offered a seat Six months today; he’s always kicking! drums of the Congo reverberate a beat Dun da dun, dun dun da dun dun graffiti tag left on a […]

20 Apr 19
Prose & Peace

Anxiety of hearing bullets from behind Before lunch, the nearest exit on my mind Carry my backpack as a battle shield Death lurking in every gun concealed Education that may cost me my life Fear of dying a statistic in this political strife

18 Apr 19
Prose & Peace

Swept away with the swell of the tide Say my farewell to the light of the sky The day you left my soul drifted from this land: The last time my toes would touch the sand The ocean floor rises to meet my feet — and yet The water inside of me says to swim, […]

13 Apr 19
Pharmacy College Approval Consultancy

Hello Guys, Seriously you are worry about opening a new pharmacy college. No need to take tension we are here to slove your all problem.First of all i want to say that there is first confusion is that why AICTE is involved in it? How much land Requirement for opening B and D pharma?How much […]

27 Mar 19
The Yarn Geek Boutique

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text text_larger=”no”]Sometimes your day is so-so and then sometimes it’s amazing like the day I heard that Stevie Nicks has a “shawl vault!” Yes, a shawl vault, say it sloooow. Do you feel that? It’s the hairs on your arms standing straight up with excitement! So, if you’re as giddy as we are, you may […]

09 Mar 19
Discuss Answer

THE GUPTA AGE (319AD-550 AD) The rise of Gupta Power in the 4th century AD marked the beginning of a new era in Indian history. Confusion and political disunity were replaced by integrity. Under the leadership and patronage of the powerful Gupta monarchs, considerable progress was made in different aspects of Indian life. There was […]

11 Feb 19
News Archives Uk

CLEVELAND, Ohio – On Sunday, basketball tournament classes for boys were introduced throughout the state. The process brings its share – or more than its share in Twitter – due to the subjective way in which teams are based, to criticism. Coaches cast electronic votes for their respective departments. Until last year, they then met […]

06 Feb 19

Aaron Broja scored eight of his 12 points in the second half, including a floating jump shot with two seconds left to lead the Rangers to a 64-62 win.

04 Feb 19

DISCLAIMER: Tätä blogitekstiä lukiessa on suotavaa laittaa taustalle soimaan aiheeseen sopiva kappale (linkki yllä). Päivän polttavana knoppitietona voidaan myös kertoa, että kyseinen biisi löytyy myös jostain syystä ekasta Power Rangers -leffasta. Ai niin joo se blogiteksti Dreamsista…!! Viime viikolla alkoi nettiin tipahtelemaan ensimmäisiä fiiliksiä PS4:n tulevasta Dreams-yksinoikeusnimikkeestä. Kyseisen pelin tuotanto on ollut yhtä pitkä kuin […]

31 Jan 19
sameeksha bvp

From the days of Grihas Sutra, Dharma Sutra and Smritis the forms of marriage are said to be eight. But according to historical point of view there were more prevalent forms than eight. It is believed that the other forms of marriage, apart from the eight forms of marriage as ordained by the sastrakaras, were […]