01 Jul 19
Indian Blogger and Reviews

There has been a lot of Debate/Discussion on Marriage in the previous months, I thought i would post a discussion of Marriage according to Hindu Shastras/View, and my personal perspective on certain matters. Please feel free to discuss. As per my limited knowledge, Marriage in the Hindu tradition is largely (But not exclusively), a family […]

21 Jun 19
Not Fashion. Style.

It looked like he planned to take it off, his microphone was clipped to his suit, not to his tie as is unusual. Slumped on a stool with his legs wide apart, looking up down and all around the studio with a suit and no tie, he looked like an uncouth youth trying to be […]

19 Jun 19
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The New York Music Festival (NYMF) and TILL Flying Elephant Produce presents Emmett and Mamie Till's exciting and exciting story with music and lyrics by Leo Schwartz and a book by Leo Schwartz and DC Cathro. NJ Agwuna directs a seller of six, including Taylor A. Blackman (Regional: Home Fun, Mamma Mia, Hello Dolly, Ragtime), […]

16 Jun 19
Prose & Peace

you go to bed Hungry to fit into the mold of the woman you think you are supposed to be

10 Jun 19

Hello friends! Hope you all are well and good, possessing a good health of body and mind. Ideas can pop out anywhere, anytime and in any situation.     Everyone is an artist. How?? Art is not only drawing. It’s about creativity. Cooking is an art, writing is an art, Dancing is an art, singing […]

07 Jun 19
Facts about Hinduism

In the WordPress blog Vedkabhed, the author in his article “No inheritance for women in the Vedas” claimed that he has provided several references from Hindu scriptures which may seem like denying inheritance to women. However, a deeper analysis will bring forth the point that inheritance for women is indeed allowed in Hinduism. Let’s analyze […]

06 Jun 19
Prose & Peace

In this life I have learned to embody the softness of a lotus with the bite of a Venus fly trap

29 May 19

Way back in September (!), Pat and I did a photoshoot of three scarves that I’d finished in the recent-ish past, and I’m only now getting around to sharing it with you, as the first of this series of catch-up posts. This one here is Estuary by Emily Wessel, knit in Sundara Sock yarn, a […]

28 May 19
Daily Republic

May 27– May 27–David W. Mitchell, an Army helicopter pilot whose aircraft was shot down twice during a tour in Vietnam, was the keynote speaker at a Memorial Day ceremony hosted by American Legion Post 205 on Monday. A Columbus, Ohio, native and graduate of flight school at Hunter Army Airfield in Savannah, Mitchell spent […]

25 May 19
Prose & Peace

The air is buzzing Secrets of the dragonflies Unheard by humans

06 May 19
Prose & Peace

stuffed animals suffocate beneath our beds childhood dreams now fantasy in our heads one day we woke up and forgot how to dream one day we realized the world is not as it seems

01 May 19
Prose & Peace

we learn to fly during the fall

30 Apr 19
Prose & Peace

Loneliness — must you call out my name in the most silent of rooms? The mortal souls within these four walls may perceive your bellows. Truly, I do not wish for your worrisome inquires; the utter infiltration of my thoughts. A grain of paranoia from the sand, you ride on beach winds into my town, […]

24 Apr 19
Prose & Peace

To be young at heart Emotions big as the moon We keep the sky bright