17 Jul 19

In a nutshell, Komoot is a route planning app and website that helps you piece together disparate roads, trails and everything in between to connect multiple points in the funnest possible way. Or the most efficient. Or some mix of the two, using surface type, elevation, and other factors to create a ride that other […]

17 Jul 19
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17 Jul 19
Mike's Raves

Amazon Prime Day is underway, and the savings are flowing in all directions. There’s so many products on sale during this 48-hour event that it’s a bit hard to keep up on. We are hoping to help you out during Amazon’s longest event to date by keeping all the best deals right here! There’s no […]

16 Jul 19

I have always been one to have that tendency to park at the back of a parking lot. There is less driving around trying to find that “perfect” parking spot. Parking closer to the exit, it is often quicker, less stressful and more convenient getting out.  And besides, a little extra walking does not hurt […]