18 Apr 19
Steel Targets | Tier 1 Targets, LLC

Suppose you get invited to try out some steel targets. Spring has sprung, and you’re getting pumped for sunshine, trigger time, and the sweet smell of spent shells. I mean, what else can you do besides count down until range day? I’m Jordan, and this is my first guest post and product feature. Join me […]

10 Apr 19
SWFA Outdoors Blog

Now that spring is in full force, one thing is on every hunter’s mind – turkey hunting. Equally fun and challenging, turkey season gives hunters everywhere a good excuse to dust off their boots from the long winter and get back out in the field. To bag and bring home a bunch of gobblers this […]

03 Apr 19
SWFA Outdoors Blog

Now that temperatures are warming up and the sun is shining longer, many of us are finally getting back into our favorite outdoor activities. From spring hunting to camping, it’s important that you have everything you need for a successful outing. If you don’t have them already, make sure to stock up on the following […]

27 Mar 19
SWFA Outdoors Blog

With the first day of spring just behind us, hunters everywhere are dusting off their boots and planning their next trip. Between the warmer temperatures and growing grass, everyone wants a reason to get outside and hunting is a great opportunity to get some fresh air and refine your skills. But spring can be a […]

18 Mar 19
The Finance Professor Podcast

Find out about the secret $2.7 trillion bailout of Money Market Mutual Funds MMMFs in 2008. The collapse of Lehman Brothers its commercial paper default caused the Primary Reserve Fund to “break the buck” or sell for less than $1.00 per share. Linus Wilson presents his paper at the Southwest Finance Association (SWFA) & Federation […]

03 Mar 19
Timothy's Talking Nation

Our erstwhile friends, the Sad Puppies, have largely been quite during the recent fuss around the Nebula awards. This is less than surprising given many (most? all?) had flounced off from the SWFA some years ago and even attempted their own alternate versions…that didn’t go very far. Added to this was an awkward fact about […]

02 Mar 19
Timothy's Talking Nation

I’m glad that a lot of the heat around the Nebulas, LMBPN and 20booksto50K has abated (Cora has an extensive round-up of events here http://corabuhlert.com/2019/03/01/the-latest-developments-regarding-the-2018-nebula-award-finalists/ ) Aside from the odd more trollish reaction, many of the authors involved have taken a step back and looked around at the circumstance and dialled back the rhetoric. Even […]

26 Feb 19
File 770

Annie Bellet says she was livid when she read about “The Nebulas & 20booksto50, not-a-nudge-nudge-slate” on Camestros Felapton. She’s brought to bear on this 2019 Nebulas slate her experience with the Sad/Rabid Puppies Hugo slates of 2015, when she took her Hugo-nominated story out of contention (see “Two Hugo Nominees Withdraw Their Stories” from April […]

23 Feb 19
Modern Folklore Press

The latest collection of Fantasy and Speculative fiction goodies from around the internet. The biggest fantasy series American readers have never read coming in September:Jin Yong’s Fantastical Wuxia Epic–Legends of the Condor Heroes–is Finally Coming to the U.S. Tor.com 2018 Nebula Finalists Announced – SWFA 2019 Locus Award Ballot Poll & Survey – You don’t […]

21 Feb 19
cepheus radio orchestra

The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SWFA) yesterday announced the finalists for the 2018 Nebula Awards, including The Ray Bradbury Award for Outstanding Dramatic Presentation, The Andre Norton Award for Outstanding Young Adult Science Fiction or Fantasy Book, and Game Writing (a first-time category): https://nebulas.sfwa.org/2018-nebula-finalists-announced/ Congrats to all the finalists! ✨🚀✨

21 Feb 19
Timothy's Talking Nation

The SWFA’s Nebula award finalists have been announced http://file770.com/2018-nebula-awards-nominees and Cora Buhlert has an interesting analysis here: http://corabuhlert.com/2019/02/21/some-thoughts-on-the-2018-nebula-award-finalists/ Cora notes the presence of several nominees associated with the 20booksto50 group. I discussed this group last year after they received several finalist positions in the Dragon Awards. The group is centered on helping indie writers write […]

19 Feb 19
SWFA Outdoors Blog

Our SWFA SS 10×42 tactical riflescope almost needs no introduction. As one of our best sellers, it’s both a customer and employee-favorite and we get questions every week about its capabilities and which variation is best. So we thought it would be helpful to put together this handy guide that explains the differences of each […]

17 Feb 19
Wandering Through The Night

It’s been a while since I did a gear review like this. In the realm of tactical rifles it’s easy to get into the multiple thousand dollar range fast, so the ones I’ve listed here do have price as a large concern. So for early 2019 looking across the market…. #1: Ruger American Predator in […]

30 Jan 19
SWFA Outdoors Blog

With deer season wrapped up and spring still months away, plenty of hunters hang up their jackets and stow away their firearms during this time of year. However, winter is one of the best opportunities to hunt species at their most vulnerable. Due to rock-bottom temperatures and inclement weather, many species are more active in […]

23 Jan 19
Made by Meghan

LAST DAY TO GRAB THIS OFFER!!! Also the giveaway is closed. I’m so pleased to announce that Catching Echoes (Reconstructionist 1) was selected for the SWFA fantasy book bundle along with eleven other incredibly successful and talented authors. The bundle was curated by author Terry Mixon and you will see his ‘curator’s notes’ for each […]