21 Feb 19
cepheus radio orchestra

The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SWFA) yesterday announced the finalists for the 2018 Nebula Awards, including The Ray Bradbury Award for Outstanding Dramatic Presentation, The Andre Norton Award for Outstanding Young Adult Science Fiction or Fantasy Book, and Game Writing (a first-time category): https://nebulas.sfwa.org/2018-nebula-finalists-announced/ Congrats to all the finalists! ✨🚀✨

21 Feb 19
Camestros Felapton

The SWFA’s Nebula award finalists have been announced http://file770.com/2018-nebula-awards-nominees and Cora Buhlert has an interesting analysis here: http://corabuhlert.com/2019/02/21/some-thoughts-on-the-2018-nebula-award-finalists/ Cora notes the presence of several nominees associated with the 20booksto50 group. I discussed this group last year after they received several finalist positions in the Dragon Awards. The group is centered on helping indie writers write […]

19 Feb 19
SWFA Outdoors Blog

Our SWFA SS 10×42 tactical riflescope almost needs no introduction. As one of our best sellers, it’s both a customer and employee-favorite and we get questions every week about its capabilities and which variation is best. So we thought it would be helpful to put together this handy guide that explains the differences of each […]

17 Feb 19
Wandering Through The Night

It’s been a while since I did a gear review like this. In the realm of tactical rifles it’s easy to get into the multiple thousand dollar range fast, so the ones I’ve listed here do have price as a large concern. So for early 2019 looking across the market…. #1: Ruger American Predator in […]

30 Jan 19
SWFA Outdoors Blog

With deer season wrapped up and spring still months away, plenty of hunters hang up their jackets and stow away their firearms during this time of year. However, winter is one of the best opportunities to hunt species at their most vulnerable. Due to rock-bottom temperatures and inclement weather, many species are more active in […]

23 Jan 19
Made by Meghan

LAST DAY TO GRAB THIS OFFER!!! Also the giveaway is closed. I’m so pleased to announce that Catching Echoes (Reconstructionist 1) was selected for the SWFA fantasy book bundle along with eleven other incredibly successful and talented authors. The bundle was curated by author Terry Mixon and you will see his ‘curator’s notes’ for each […]

17 Jan 19
SWFA Outdoors Blog

Sometimes there’s a product out there that just seems to work for almost everyone. For us, that’s our SWFA SS 3-15×42 Tactical Riflescope. Both a customer and employee favorite, it’s the riflescope that’s got everything going for it. Not only is it versatile, easy to use, and intuitive, it’s also a great value for an […]

10 Jan 19
Camestros Felapton

As people who remember the original version of the 2018 Hugo Ceremony before I used a time machine to erase those events and replace them with an alternate version where I didn’t attend, I’m not seeking nominations this year just in case the compulsion to run around the auditorium shouting conspiracy theories and throwing purple […]

30 Dec 18
J.K. Ullrich

Well, that was fast. It feels like only a few weeks ago I was lacing up my trainers for my New Year’s Day run and feeling bittersweet about the Syzygy-themed songs on my workout playlist. But 2018 quickly accelerated to warp speed. Calendar leaves turned more quickly than pages in an engrossing novel, but a […]

12 Dec 18
SWFA Outdoors Blog

With the holidays quickly approaching, getting last minute gifts for your family and friends is probably top of mind. Luckily, we at SWFA carry a huge selection of products that are perfect for anyone, ranging from hunting pros to the outdoor newbie. Consider us your one stop shop for the holiday season, and follow our […]

07 Dec 18
SWFA Outdoors Blog

Your firearm is an investment piece and to keep it in top working order, it’s important you care for it properly. Without proper maintenance you may as well throw your money away, because the quality and usability of the weapon will deteriorate. That’s why we’ve created this handy guide for properly cleaning and caring for […]

05 Dec 18
Loie Dunn

December 5th Hi everyone! How are you all making out? I’ve finished my Weird Christmas story from Day 1 and started Day 2’s submission 🙂 I’m writing a short story about a robotic dog and a little girl. The dog is inspired by my own Maggie, a sixteen-year-old Jack Russell Terrier who happens to celebrate […]

27 Nov 18
File 770

(1) POUNDING AWAY AT IT. Although I’ll never carry this much British cash, I’m interested in the story: “New £50 note scientist nominations released”.  On the list are computing pioneers Alan Turing and Ada Lovelace, telephone inventor Alexander Graham Bell and astronomer Patrick Moore. The Bank received 174,112 nominations, of which 114,000 met the eligibility […]

25 Nov 18
The Truth About Guns

[Ed: We published this post challenging the conventional wisdom on longer barrel ballistics from Josh back in October of 2013, before he became a regular around here. It provoked much discussion at the time and probably will again the second time around.] Abstract: This is an independent scientific study that has been conducted in western Michigan. […]