19 Dec 18
WIld on the Prairie

How many of you are trying to get ready for holiday guests this week? I know that I am doing my own holiday prep and I want to share my own recipes and tips for a more natural cleaning routine! Disinfectant spray: 1 part vodka/2 parts water/ 2 tbsp castile soap/ essential oils of choice […]

18 Dec 18
Pride and Pedagogue: Thoughts of a Teacher

As I break through the dark barriers of two sick children and no sleep, I felt a strong obligation to the world. Sometimes I get this intense connection to the public. I feel for anyone struggling quietly through a broken marriage, or a kid who sits in class and succumbs to the challenge that is math, thinking […]

18 Dec 18

It’s all too easy to buy everything—and we mean everything—you could ever need on Amazon, especially if you’re a Prime customer. The online megastore stocks $1,000 sofas all the way down to $3 bottles of air freshener, and that’s just in the Home category. While we can’t emphasize enough the importance of shopping small and […]

18 Dec 18

Kissamous Amore: A love charm Lipporiddius: A charm to lose weight Distortio: A charm to change the shape of something Another activity that works well, if started a couple of weeks in advance, is for each house to create a “Wizarding Wonder”‘a new product to be marketed to wizards’and an accompanying advertising campaign, such as […]

18 Dec 18
From Hotmess to Homemade

Kids…they touch everything and put their hands in every orifice of their body. I have yet to meet a parent who is not looking for some sort of safe cleaning product to use around the house. By the second kid, the panic has died down, but things do not stop going into the mouth’s of […]

17 Dec 18

Generic cleaning supplies will damage your beautiful hardwood. Get these products to clean safely.

16 Dec 18
Blue Tile Obsession

June- 1994. An  airplane roared overhead waking me up. “Damn – that was loud!” It quickly came to me then, where I was. I was in San Diego visiting Andy Macdonald, Rhino and P-Stone. They had an apartment directly under the flight path of the San Diego airport. The other guys were sleeping. It was […]

15 Dec 18

One of my Resolutions I epically failed on this year was knitting. Like, at all. I don’t think I’ve even completed one project this year. #sadface I started a Swiffer pad and never did the last step, the part that holds it onto the Swiffer so you can actually mop the floor with it. I […]

14 Dec 18
Charles Trying Things

I recently heard this speaker go on about how a messy and cluttered room or living space often leads to a messy and cluttered headspace. I glanced around my somewhat messy room and a worry that I’d been underachieving crept into my mind. I hopped up and started organizing just a little bit. Starting with […]

14 Dec 18

  Global Mop Market Research Report 2018-2025, by Manufacturers, Regions, Types and Applications (I-BusinessNews.Com, December 13, 2018 ) Report Source: https://www.themarketreports.com/report/global-mop-market-insights-forecast-to-2025 Global Mop Market Report is the latest offering at ‘The Market Reports’ which is in-depth analysis of the market and helps an individual or company to understand the market scenario in better way. This […]

13 Dec 18

This article originally appeared and was published on AOL.com We know dust is definitely not good for our health. Not only do dust particles gross us out, but it makes us sneeze, cough and wish for a Swiffer. But did you know dust is actually much more dangerous than that? Recent research from George Washington University found […]

13 Dec 18
My Love For Paper

Hi everyone! thanks for stopping by… I have another set of Christmas cards to share. I know its getting late, but when I get a stamp like this Simon Says Stamp Outline Snowflake, I just can’t resist myself! I started off by stamping the gorgeous Outline Snowflake background stamp onto 7 panels of Canson watercolor […]

13 Dec 18
Best DIY ideas

DIY Sewing Projects for the Kitchen – Reusable Swiffer Refills – Easy Sewing Tutorials and Patterns for Towels, napkinds, aprons and cool Christmas gifts for friends and family – Rustic, Modern and Creative Home Decor Ideas diyjoy.com/…

DIY Sewing Projects for the Kitchen – Reusable Swiffer Refills – Easy Sewing Tut…

12 Dec 18
Under Her Brim

…OSHA suit carrying a sterilized laboratory acrylic hazmat container to remove the intruder.