Tabi Socks

14 Jul 19
Yamato Magazine

The legend of the samurai is woven into the culture of Japan. Dutiful, stoic and formidable, samurai were bound to the code of bushido, protecting their lords and masters at any cost. In order to carry out their duty, samurai relied on a variety of equipment, and one of their most important assets was armour. […]

14 Jul 19
Trending Abroad

For our first long weekend since moving to Hong Kong we pretended to consider many options but in reality there was only one option: Tokyo. Japan has been on both of our lists, especially since, during our our time on GLOBE, one of our study trips was moved from Japan to South Korea due to […]

29 Jun 19
Mango Musings

by Mary Martin Mason What footwear dates back to 4000 BC with a papyrus pair from 1500 BC exhibited at the British Museum? Hint: These should never be seen on hairy, unkempt men’s feet and, for women, a pedicure is a prerequisite. Bigger hint: In the poetic tradition of onomatopoeia, this shoe says its name […]

21 Jun 19

When I hear the word Tabi the first thing that comes to my mind is certainly Maison Margiela’s well-known Tabi Boots. As he said: “The Tabi boot is the most important footprint of my career: it’s recognisable, it still goes on after 25 years, and it has never been copied” but where did this idea […]

19 Jun 19
Isla May Phillips

Through generosity, serendipity and confusion I spent the day as a princess in Yanagawa’s Ohina-sama Water Parade. Yanagawa is an old canal town about an hour from Tenjin on the Nishitetsu line. It’s apparently known as the Venice of Kyushu, with gondolas and all. Personally, being British, it reminds me of Cambridge and punting. Every […]

17 Jun 19

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16 Jun 19
Hoang Lan Dang

Chapter five That afternoon Hatsumomo took me to the Gion Registry Office. I was expecting something very grand, but it turned out to be nothing more than several dark tatami rooms on the second floor of the school building, filled with desks and accounting books and smelling terribly of cigarettes. A clerk looked up at […]

14 Jun 19
The Way You Practice-- A Martial Arts Blog

Quick note preceding the article: It’s been a hell of a couple of months since my surgery. After 12 weeks of rehab and a new baby (woooo!) I’m back to training and working on getting back to writing. I’ve had finishing this series on my mind since January so it’s the first of many articles […]

07 Jun 19
Clown World Translations

CHAPTER 1: Hunter Guild Battle Part 1 I thought that I wouldn’t be able to sleep in such a dreadful environment, but the next day dawned before I even noticed. “Human beings really can sleep anywhere, how surprising…” I decided to remember this weird feeling, and while I was rubbing my sleepy eyes I saw […]

06 Jun 19
Stopping Time

On Sunday I was startled to find myself doing something crazy and unheardof: I was riding the train and walking around the city all. by. my. self. After nine months of being a resident in Japan and a stay-at-home mom, Sunday was my first time exploring this big city on my own. No stroller to […]

26 May 19

Exercisers generally do not wear martial arts training shoes, especially those who train a variety of Japanese martial arts. When doing karate or judo, it is more common to train barefoot in the dojo. There are two main reasons. First, removing the outside or training shoes shows respect for art and its traditions. The second…

Martial Arts Training Shoes – 4 compelling reasons to wear them was originally published on China

24 May 19

MARGIELA SERIES: THE TABI BOOT Welcome back to another blog post in the ongoing Margiela series! This week I want to dive deep into one of his most iconic creations that define the brand and his identity- the tabi boot. The split toe design is a cult symbol that first appeared on the 1988 runway, […]

20 May 19
Musings and Mutterings of a Montreal Madame

If you are coming to Japan to see ladies (and men) in Kimono – then let me recommend Kyoto. We’ve seen hundreds of folks wearing Kimono – not all of whom are geisha – or for that matter – normally wearing Kimono! It turns out that there is a very large industry here in Kyoto […]