19 Nov 18

Churches, museums, markets, coffee shacks and the legacy of Emperor Haile Selassie, ANURAG MALLICK and PRIYA GANAPATHY explore Addis, the bustling capital of Ethiopia  Addis Ababa. The very name triggered memories of playing countries and capitals at school, conjuring images of exotica – Ethiopian coffee ceremonies, legends of Queen Sheba, the Rastafarian cult of Haile Selassie […]

06 Nov 18

Kierrevihkon tekeminen alkoi kansien tekemisellä. Valitsin vihkon kooksi A5. InDesingn-taitto-ohjelmalla loin uuden pohjan, valiten sen Print-välilehdeltä, koska tiedossa oli että kyseinen kansi tulostetaan. Tässä työssä piti valita kaksi sivua: etu- ja takakansi. Miten se tehtiin, en muista?!?!  Määrittelin pohjaan bleedit eli leikkuuvarat (3 cm). Bleedit eivät tule näkyviin lopullisessa työssä, mutta auttavat suunnitteluvaiheessa ja leikkuuvaiheessa, […]

27 Oct 18

BAB II HASIL KEGIATAN PRAKTIK KERJA 2.1. Kegiatan Magang Kejaksaan Tinggi Jawa Timur Kegiatan magang dilaksanakan sejak tanggal 23 Oktober 2017 sampai 17 November 2017 dalam 20 kali tatap muka. Kegiatan magang ini dilaksanakan Kejaksaan Tinggi Jawa Timur yang beralamat di Jl. Jenderal Ahmad Yani No. 54-56, Ketintang, Gayungan, Kota SBY, Jawa Timur 60231. Dalam […]

17 Oct 18
Dream ♥️♥️

I have written this in Bengali: Bhuvon sera amar Maa : Maa kotha ta dhakar majhe e prithivir sob sukh nihito. Jer Maa achey prirhibitey se sob chaitey Sukhi. Maa jodio tumak dekhi Nah 9 bochor hotey chollo. Kintu amr money hoy tumi sob Somoy amar pase e acho. Jano Maa jokhon eka kothao jai […]

12 Oct 18
Tour and Travel Ethiopia

Addis Ababa: In 1881 Emperor Menelik II made his permanent settlement / camp at Entoto. After a certain period of time because of the difficulties which they faced while climbing up from the south, the lack of wood, the problem to fetch up water, and for thunder storms, Entoto proved unsuitable. Emperor Menelik set up […]

09 Oct 18
Coolshade Magazine

WATCH “Rock It Ina Dance” – Hempress Sativa Picture this – four friends on a road trip and Hempress Sativa‘s Rock It Inna Dance rolls in next on the playlist and everyone in the car starts a chorus “Tra la la la la la la, eh eh eh eh eh eh eyy, BIM“, rocking to their own unique […]

05 Oct 18

Introduction Safety first is safety always. Nowadays, with the ‘massification’ of higher education and the commercialization of properties owned by institutions of higher education, we should stop and ask ourselves whether we attend classes on a ‘School Campus’ or a ‘Campus Community’. These are two terms we must explore when we consider Safety and Security […]

03 Oct 18

Die Grondkwessie in SA (hervorming) sluit nie korrupsie uit nie – daar is heelwat.  Alhoewel “aanklagtes” deur regering (ANC-DA-EFF) en selfs ander politieke partye, dat blankes die meerderheid grond besit, verdoemend is en algemeen voorkom, is dit totaal en al vals.   Daar is selfs onderstrominge binne ANC geledere hieroor soos deur vorige president Mbeki aangedui […]

02 Oct 18
African Women in Leadership Narratives

When doing research about war, mainstream sources tend to forget to include the role women play in such efforts. One specifically has to look for information about women and their contribution to a specific war to know about this. This article was meant to be about the contribution of women to the Battle of Adwa. […]

17 Sep 18
AfricanFeminism (AF)

It is painfully obvious that I am a feminist. Painfully because it has become so that it is not possible to have any other conversation other than my feminism. Somedays it peeves me. Some days, I say, “Wake Up and Smell the Patriarchy People”! This I tell to myself and those that are blissfully in […]

13 Sep 18

Yegna is an Ethiopian acting and five-piece girl group, originating in Addis Ababa. The group debuted in late 2013 due to their singles “Abet” and “Taitu”, which deals about the supremacy of women in Ethiopia.

11 Sep 18
Vin de Vie Wine of Life

  The new year begins today in Ethiopia: 2011 in the Julian calendar.    Also commemorated today is a gift of jewels to the mythical Queen of Sheba by her people when, pregnant by King Solomon with Menelik I, she returned to her homeland.  She had distributed everything she owned when abroad.     It was […]

06 Sep 18

Endegna – Ho Belen (Ethiopian music video). Yegna is an Ethiopian acting and five-piece girl group, originating in Addis Ababa. The group debuted in late 2013 due to their singles “Abet” and “Taitu”, which deals about the supremacy of women in Ethiopia. The 5-member group was formed in April 2013 as part of the internationally […]