14 Dec 18

Takamine GD20CE-NS Cutaway Acoustic Electric Guitar Bundle with Accessories – Buy – Takamine GD20CE-NS Cutaway Acoustic Electric Guitar Bundle with Accessories

14 Dec 18
3 songs bonn

Tony Blair is famously remembered by fans of tonight’s band not just for being British Prime Minister, but also for including ‘Cancel Today’ among his chosen records to play on BBC Radio’s ‘Desert Island Discs’ (allegedly a favorite of the PM before Commons ‘Question Time).  Ezio have been around a while now making great music, […]

07 Dec 18

We haven’t seen much of the traditional shomin-geki since the war years, for obvious reasons. But by the mid-fifties, Japan’s economy had sufficiently stabilized for there to be a market for movies about the daily life of those who were neither rich nor poor and who faced no traumatic crises. Here we see roughly a […]

07 Dec 18
Friends of Hyde Park Picture House

From Friday December 7th until Thursday December 13th This film was the worthy winner of the Palme d’Or at Cannes this year and of the the Asia Pacific Screen Award for Best Feature Film. It came fourth in the Audience voting at the Leeds International Film Festival; to my mind an underestimate. I rate it […]

04 Dec 18

Sometimes you come across a Japanese movie that, no matter how many others you have seen, remains incomprehensible. Not in an “arty” way, like for example Pitfall, but because of some social mores that completely elude an outsider’s understanding. Distant Clouds is an exemplary case. Directed by Kinoshita in his most straight-forward manner, with a […]

03 Dec 18
American Exchange Dream

Beyond how cool you’ll look playing it, there are a lot of factors to consider when buying a new guitar. Do you want to throw down on an instrument that will last you a lifetime or just one that will get you started? Are you leaning toward something acoustic or electric? Which brand — Gibson, […]

28 Nov 18
Broadtube Music Channel

Cliff Targum – Golden Sunset                   Cliff Targum – Golden Sunset   Elaborate on this album and your music career. This album has lots of Spanish guitar and rock guitar. I use Rodriguez, Takamine and Ibanez guitars. I also love using various percussive instruments. I just love […]

28 Nov 18

As a result of its date, Naruse’s Flowing is often compared to Mizoguchi’s Street of Shame, but it is much closer to the Woman of Rumor. Again we are inside a geisha house with a daughter who wants no part of the business, but it operates on a far different level than the one in […]

28 Nov 18

The quiet and balanced brilliance of When a Woman Ascends the Stairs is Mikio Naruse’s greatest triumph. Naruse’s approach to film is perhaps best articulated as pessimistic (or perhaps if we’re feeling generous we might call it realistic). The sentiment — however one puts it — is undoubtedly felt in this film. [spoilers herein]

27 Nov 18

Who knows, you might find a vendor you’ve never heard of. Also, if you have any vendor recommendations, please let me know. I’ll get ’em added as soon as I can…

23 Nov 18
The Recovering Legalist

From whence come wars and fighting? Or, to put it another way, “Why do you people keep fighting and killing each other?” Well, according to the 4th chapter of James, it’s because we want things we never ask for. That got me to thinking…(work with me on this, OK?). A lot of you will be […]

22 Nov 18

My thoughts on Legally Blonde The Musical and its guitar book, my experiences playing it and a rundown of the equipment I used…

22 Nov 18
Rick opent zijn mond

Het eerste niet-ritmisch muziekinstrument (dus geen trommel of iets dergelijks, iets wat je als kind altijd kunt vinden) en dat ik leerde spelen, was een blokfluit. Voor wie dit blog leest en niet in de Nederland woonde in die tijd: in Nederland ontstond in de jaren 60 of 70 bij planners en beleidsmakers het idee […]

22 Nov 18
Get Started

Free Streaming The NeverEnding Story III (1994) Full Movie. The NeverEnding Story III can be watch for free registering. Get Free Access The NeverEnding Story III in 1080p Quality. Free Streaming The NeverEnding Story III (1994) in HD Quality Release : 1994-10-26Genre : Fantasy, FamilyRuntime : 95 MinutesCompany : Studio Babelsberg, Dieter Geissler Filmproduktion, Cinevox […]

21 Nov 18
Punk Goes Prenatt

British acoustic artist Lizzy Farrall was robbed last night after a show on her tour with Cavetown. The Pure Noise Records (Cory Wells, Masked Intruder, The Story So Far) artist posted on social media, “Last night in Edgbaston, Birmingham our car was broken into and everything was taken including vinyl, cds, t-shirts, cajon, three acoustic […]

20 Nov 18

Gema Taku Against Bull

I drew what I think that the rest of the “Rainbow 6″ girls would look like if they were still in the game…  As you can see, they are only slight changes, but yeah! I also added a few headcannons about this version of them.If you can’t read the text for any reason aka my sloppy […]