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26 May 19
The Irish Sun
THE ‘trade war’ between the US and China is about a lot more than simply ­slapping tariffs on one another. There is now a decades long tradition of Chinese firms choosing to flout the law on things like ­copyright, patents and other forms of intellectual property that American firms have created. Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping Chinese mobile phone company Huawei had their Android license yanked by Google Why this is done is obvious. The Chinese, like any country, want what is best for their people. If they are good enough to have to manufacture all of these things then what’s the big deal if they ‘borrow’ some ideas, right down to the root tech and how it works — and come out with some of their own version of things? Lots of US presidents were upset about this. They didn’t want it happening, but they were also powerless to stop it as business interests generally outweighed anything that might be gained by trying to stop it. The Chinese have been excellent at playing a cat and mouse game with Americans. They would come to an agreement, say one thing, do another and then the whole fracas would start all over again. That was before Trump came in and turned it into a game that is being played more in the ‘for keeps’ stakes. Tariffs and trade wars are bad for everybody and American consumers will pay for them, but the US position is increasingly clear and that is a good thing — a deal is a deal, you break one part of it and the whole thing is off. That’s the way the world was before we all fell for acceptance of an endless nuance in which nothing is every truly right or wrong. Recently the Chinese sought major changes to what had already been agreed so the US turned around and said no and raised tariffs on them. This week it got a little more complicated when Huawei, the massive electronics firm and maker of many phones the world over, had their Android license yanked by Google meaning that they can only use a free open source version. Existing phones will be OK, and the open source operating system may be good enough for many too, but removing access to the Play Store and the likes is something that will put many users off from buying an expensive high end phone in which the basic expectation is curtailed. What might surprise us all is if Huawei turn around and come up with their own operating system or some other solution that nobody was expecting. You see, in business there is a strong reason to innovate and that innovation can take any form. Chess legend Gary Kasparov writes a blog for IT security firm Avast and said that the low-cost electronics industry “put an authoritarian Chinese regime with no transparency regarding separation between its government and its companies in the position to influence key elements of our digital world”. Huawei is facing allegations of spying, intellectual property theft, and dumping below-cost phones on the market with the government’s backing. Beyond phones, the UK government is dealing with a scandal over whether Huawei should be allowed to build state-of-the art 5G networks in the country due to potential security risks. A recent article called security holes in Huawei routers “a smoking gun”, adding: “The fights may be old ones, but these new battlefields are tilted in favour of the bad guys because they don’t have to play by the rules. As long as that remains the case, individuals need to stay vigilant.” Gives you a bit to think about when it comes to trade wars and what phone you should use! FITNESS UPDATE l I FOUND my mojo again — just a ­little — and cycled in and out of work this week (about ten miles each way). It wasn’t too bad but showed me how much fitness had been lost in the time I took off. Not to be perturbed I went and did a minor session in the gym and ended up clapped with delayed onset muscle soreness which is that special kind of hurt you get when you don’t exercise for ages then do a load all at once! I was talking to a friend who is the same age as me and he reckons there are lots of forces working against middle age men. An obvious one is hormone levels, then you have general stress levels, working and family commitments and the many other things that must be done because unless you are very fortunate you still have a million other things to do with your life too! I think any of these things can be used as excuses though, the real challenge was and always will be within ourselves. I was talking to Sarah Outen when I did some cover work on the radio last week and she rowed the Indian Ocean on her own (youngest person to ever do it) and then circumvented the whole globe too! A story like that gets me amped up so hopefully it will help lead the charge to a good week of training! ANDY’S DEATH IS JUST TRAGIC SOME of you may have heard about the death of Andy Mann, who was a finalist in the Voice of ­Ireland a few years ago. I knew him to see — he shared studio space with my friend Greg and last year he was meant to take a spare ticket we had for Electric Picnic but didn’t go in the end. I’d go out to see Greg from time to time and Andy would be there working away on his stuff which was good. He was a nice bloke, positively disposed, a ­talented musician and loved by many. His death comes only months after the apparent suicide of his ex-girlfriend Alli MacDonnell. She had four kids, including a two-year-old with Alli. The two events are both individually and together a heartbreaking tragedy. I just want to take a moment today to say that if you are reading this and ever have a thought dark enough to want to kill yourself to please call the Samaritans on 116 123 and please just put off ­whatever you are thinking of doing for 48 hours to reconsider. I don’t have the expertise to offer advice on how to deal with the things that people who are suicidal are thinking, but I do know the loss of a good ­person and Andy seemed like that to me. IT’S NOT JUST THE RIP-OFF REPUBLIC RIP-off goods are prolific. In fact, over three per cent of all world trade is in knock-offs. The OECD keeps tabs on this and the most ­common fake goods are footwear followed by clothing, leather goods and electrical equipment. If you are wondering about ‘leather goods’ think women’s purses, which is where the rump of that stat comes from. Fake goods are a $509billion-a-year ­market! For the EU, counterfeit trade represented 6.8 per cent of imports from non-EU countries. The majority of fake goods picked up in customs checks originate in mainland China and Hong Kong. Other major points of origin include the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Singapore, Thailand and India. The countries most affected by counterfeiting in 2016 were the United States, whose brands or patents were concerned by 24 per cent of the fake products seized, followed by France, Italy, Switzerland and Germany. BAD LUCK ISN’T ABOUT CHANCE TO MAKE CLAIM lI GOT hit by a van making an illegal turn last week and got a bruised leg and a few broken bits on my bike. The guy was decent and acknowledged he was in the wrong and seemed really surprised when I didn’t demand we call the cops or turn it into a chance for a big claim. Recently I heard a person say, ‘If you wouldn’t sue your brother or sister for the same thing then why do that to a stranger’ — and it kind of stuck with me. [article-rail-section title=”MOST READ IN OPINION” posts_category=”13″ posts_number=”6″ query_type=”popular” /] Every bit of bad luck isn’t about a chance to make a windfall claim. Sometimes you have bad luck, that’s all there is to it. In any case, I wasn’t badly injured, and things are getting sorted. It’s very different than the last time a few weeks ago where a guy just drove up behind me at a red light and hit my bike. Not only that — he tried to say it was my fault! Some people . . .
26 May 19
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26 May 19

Everyone is talking about Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) and mutual funds and constantly comparing between the two. In 2018, mutual funds and ETFs in the U.S reached $21.1 trillion in assets, exhibiting a tremendous growth from just  $12.6 trillion seven years ago. Both funds target diversification as their investment strategy, but have certain differences. ETFs are […]

26 May 19
Loveland Reporter-Herald
The Brands I commend Martin Lind for his scope of vision for The Brands. I also commend Leah Johnson and Richard Ball who raised the question of providing affordable housing. Either issue needs consideration, and parks and recreation for all, infrastructure, the integrity of towns. Let’s set as our shared goal to provide the greatest good for the largest number of people and for the environment. That’s it. Valedictorian prayer To the people that are talking about the valedictorian prayer: Would you be willing to accept a Muslim prayer, a Hebrew prayer, a Buddhist prayer, a Hindu prayer or Navajo prayer or Hopi prayer? Or is it just Christian prayers that are OK in our schools? Memorial Day Yes, Memorial Day, the day to honor those who died to keep this country free and not have to live under the type of government Bernie Sanders wants to set up. Democrats This is to the people that’s calling in and hating on Donald Trump and everything he’s doing in the White House. You know what, call your worthless Democratic representatives and the people in Washington, D.C., and tell them to start working for the American people. Your party is a joke. That’s all you guys can do is throw out hate for Donald Trump. You got anything else you wanna try to show us that you’re helping the United States instead of complaining that you’re not getting your little baby ways. You Democrats just worthless, you’ve got nothing on the books to show for anything that you’ve done for this country. Abortion To the pro abortion crowd: Please give this some thought in the United States. There are many sanctuary cities protecting illegal aliens and MS-13 gang members. The new laws in Georgia and Alabama are taking away your abortion rights. They are just coming to be sanctuary cities for innocent babies. Planned Parenthood If men are going to stalk women going to Planned Parenthood maybe women should gang up and greet men going to these male ED clinics, maybe serenade them with the chorus from Frank Sinatra’s old song called “He’s Got High Hopes.” Stormy Daniels This is to the uninformed person who called in about Donald Trump does coverups by writing checks for his extramarital affairs. He sued Stormy Daniels and got paid. So, before you call in to the RH Line, do your homework. Farmer aid bailout Why is it I have not heard one word about socialism when our government is paying the farmers for their failed foreign policy in their trade deals? President Trump So Mr. Trump has a meltdown and said he’s not going to do his job, he’s not going to represent the American people until Congress stops oversight. Well we’re just finding out now guys, the only thing legitimate about this president is that he’s illegitimate.  
26 May 19
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The latest program of the Bleacher Game Zones Game, which is available on the B / R application and on the website, is divided into Lonzo Ball and Los Angeles Lakers. The adventure is focused on the storylines from the trade deadline with the first half focusing on Dallas Mavericks trade for Kristaps Porzingis. However, […]

26 May 19
Archy news nety

President Donald Trump walks with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe before playing a round of golf on Sunday at the Mobara Country Club in Chiba, Japan. | Evan Vucci / AP photo White House Trump's tweets came hours before he met with close ally Prime Minister Shinzo Abe during his four-day state visit. By CHRISTIAN […]

24 Nov 15
Twisted Track Magazine

Often misjudged and misunderstood,, the sex industry induces moments of silence and doubt in our society. Often perceived as distasteful and taboo, we cannot ignore that the industry carries a certain stigma. Like most industries, sex workers rely on the good ‘ol economic law of supply and demand. Are we being hypocritical when we judge […]

26 May 19
Archy Worldys

The Toronto Raptors participate in the franchise for the first time in the NBA finals. In the second half, the Raptors dropped 15 points and battled for a 100-94 victory over the Milwaukee Bucks in Game 6 to win the Eastern Conference 4-2. The bucks hit six 3-pointers in the first quarter, reaching an early […]

26 May 19
Tim D Tran

I know it’s been a month but MAJOR SPOILERS for Avengers: Endgame ahead! Fan edits are a curious thing. I’m kind of ambivalent towards them but I can’t help but be curious when one of them gains traction on the internet. Usually, they are made to rectify issues that a majority of a respective fanbase […]

26 May 19
Boston Herald
One aspect of American life that President Trump never tires of taking credit for is economic growth — specifically, job growth. So you won’t hear him pointing out the disturbing discrepancy in the employment figures between white and black workers. Economists and economic commentators have started to notice however, because it’s hard to miss. Over the last several months, as the white unemployment rate has continued to trend lower, the black unemployment rate suddenly has turned higher. That knocks one of Trump’s economic talking points for a loop. In January 2018, he hared off after a critic, the rapper Jay-Z, on Twitter, boasting that he was creating an economic nirvana for African-Americans. “Somebody please inform Jay-Z that because of my policies, Black Unemployment has just been reported to be at the LOWEST RATE EVER RECORDED!” Trump tweeted. Monthly unemployment readings are notoriously volatile, but the divergence also can be seen in multi-month averages. The trend contradicts one enduring truism about black and white unemployment rates — that although black unemployment is consistently higher than the statistic for whites, the gap narrows as unemployment falls. In months dating back to late 2018, total unemployment has generally fallen but the black-white gap has widened. “The employment prospects of black men may actually be deteriorating even as the overall labor market continues to improve,” progressive economist Dean Baker noted last week. The gap points to a question that should be raised more consistently: Who does the Trump economy serve? Macroeconomic statistics have been strong, as has the stock market. But the benefits of this economic expansion have been funneled overwhelmingly to the rich. They received most of the tax cut Trump signed in December 2017, and they’ve received tens of billions in payouts from corporations enjoying the tax cut in the form of stock buybacks and dividends. Meanwhile, the middle- and working-class are about to take the cost of Trump’s trade war in the slats. As my colleague James Peltz reported Monday, tariff-driven price increases will affect apparel, footwear, toys and electronics, creating yet another tax on average consumers. It’s also possible that the recent reversal is short-lived, and that black unemployment soon will continue its longer-term decline. As it happens, the reasons for the uptick in black unemployment are hard to pinpoint. It doesn’t appear to result from a surge of black workers into the job market, a phenomenon that can push the unemployment rate temporarily higher. The black participation rate — the share of eligible workers in the workforce, was 62.5% in October, and 62.5% in April. Baker conjectures that a lack of enforcement of anti-discrimination laws under the Trump administration may play a role. “Having a president who seems to think that white men, starting with himself, are the biggest victims in society could be part of the problem,” he wrote. “This may encourage many employers to think that it is OK to discriminate again.” Trump hasn’t seemed to show much concern about the reversal in the black unemployment rate, but he should. Not only does it undermine his rhetoric, but it may be a hint that his economic expansion rests on a foundation of sand. If employment at the lower end of the wage scale isn’t picking up, the malady may soon spread to higher-paid sectors. One way or another, the apparent trend shows that government policies are failing a large swath of the population. That’s nothing for Trump to brag about.