03 Apr 19

Tamrac Stratus 6 Shoulder Bag for DSLR Camera and Lenses – Shoulder Strap – Foam Padded Divider – Removable Cable and Battery Pouch – Tamrac 5 Year Warranty
Fully configurable main compartment
Patented Lens Gate protective dividers

16 Jan 19
Dr. Stein's Photographic Establishment

Darned if I can think when that term “messenger bag’ came into vogue – before that there were just bags, and whatever message you wanted to carry was either in your hand or in your head. Perhaps Marshall McLuhan and his fatuous meme about the medium and the message…a statement that is as valueless as […]

21 Dec 18

I first met Jim Callahan a couple years ago at a survival expo in Phoenix Arizona. I was intrigued by his survival walking stick but the fact that he is a retired Army Ranger who designed the stick intrigued me even more. I regretted not buying one of his sticks while at the survival expo […]

17 Sep 18
Travel and Lifestyle Photography

Flowers of Maui

16 Sep 18
Travel and Lifestyle Photography

Touring Amsterdam – Canals and Markets