24 Apr 19
Nothing Special Too

Is there anything cuter than sisters goofing around while waiting for their older brother to finish dressing after his hockey game? These two are real gems and I am privileged to know them. Oh yeah … the youngest one is a photographer, which the observant already know 🙂 For the curious, this was shot on […]

23 Apr 19

We all feel stuck sometimes. Stuck at work, stuck in our own thoughts, stuck trying to write a blog post and most certainly as photographers we all get stuck with what to shoot. We feel we’ve lost our creativity, our mojo, our muse has gone on vacation and we sit there at our desk wondering […]

23 Apr 19
Professional Industry Market Research

Global Board Mount Lenses market report is first of its kind research report that covers the overview, summary, market dynamics, competitive analysis, and leading player’s various strategies to sustain in the global market. This report covers five top regions of the globe and countries within, which shows the status of regional development, consisting of market value, […]

23 Apr 19
AMAGA Photography Blog

Not one of the most influential rock bands of the ’60s. Not a denizen of a prison yard — after whom the band was named. No. These birds visited my yard on Saturday morning. Ever vigilant, I was there. I was particularly on the lookout for Anna’s hummingbirds, but the Hutton’s Vireo (I believe) above […]

23 Apr 19
Finding The Sacred Through A Macro Lens

Sometimes you want an honest macro. Other times a simple close-up answers the need. Today it was a simple close-up. The combined beauty of petals and blossom would have been lost in a macro. However a magnification of 1×1.5 worked well.

22 Apr 19
Febiyan Rachman

After using Fujifilm X-T20 for two years, I found two things with the camera that limited me in doing my style of photography. The autofocus can be unreliable, sometimes. The lenses I have don’t allow me some flexibility in focal length while maintaining shallow depth of field. Because of those two limitations, I’ve been looking […]

22 Apr 19
the alphabet adventurers

We can hardly believe how long it has been since our last adventure. We finished our three visits to Haworth on 21 October and posted on 28 October – last year! What on earth have we been up to? Deciding which “I” to choose was our first task. We had already chosen the rough area, […]

22 Apr 19

This time I’m using the Tamron 90mm F2.8 and the Canon EOS RP. Found this bee out on the road while walking to the gym. =)

22 Apr 19

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