Tan Physics

10 Dec 18
Dweet Fraid

Be Patient; Especially with Yourself –  time is the only constant. It is ever changing and so are we. It is imperative on us to accept that “life is what happens when we are busy making other plans” (John Lennon). Life will happen, let it. It is ok to make plans, however, it is wise […]

10 Dec 18

The opera wrapped up just like the old saying goes.  A fat lady sang. And it was about time,  Dover was starving.   He had had nothing to eat since the hot dog lunch he and Lorena  had shared.  He had been too nervous about the evening to even snack earlier and then exploring the […]

10 Dec 18
Scienmag: Latest Science and Health News

A conference at the National University of Singapore (NUS) is bringing together dozens of the world’s most prestigious theoretical physicists and mathematicians to explore the principles behind a Theory of Everything. The conference, entitled “String and M-Theory: The New Geometry of the 21st Century”, will take place from 10 to 14 December at the Institute […]

10 Dec 18
VicPhysics Newsletters

This final newsletter for the year has some suggestions for holiday reading and some new resources. Physics Conference registration is now open.  Register early to get your session preferences.  A school purchase order can be used to accompany the form. There is also a talk this Thursday on the 2018 Nobel Prize in Physics at […]

10 Dec 18
The Ultimate Reconciliationist

Written By Thomas Perez. December 7, 2018 at 8:53PM. Copyright 2018. Section 1: The Planets What is a Planet? What makes a planet, a planet? When we look up into the night sky, they appear to only look like stars. So why all the fuss? What makes these specific group of stars different from the […]

08 Dec 18
Beauty & Bliss Women's Health Blog

Thanks for joining me! Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton AYURVEDIC SKIN CARE Ayurveda | skin care | healthy | glowing Written by: Robert Thomson     What is Ayurveda? Ayurveda is an ancient health care tradition. It is the oldest form of medicine still in practice today. It […]

07 Dec 18

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is about to shut down for further upgrades and is expected to operate in 2021[1]. The LHC is the largest machine created by mankind to test the predictions of different theories of particle physics. However, its main purpose was to prove the existence of the “God Particle” , a Higgs […]

07 Dec 18
Portland's Daily Drip

Morning dear friends! It’s Friday, December 7, 2018, the last in our string of short but sunny days, with highs in the low 40s and clouds drifting in by sundown, which is, like right after lunch. Sunrise 7:37 AM, sunset 4:27 PM. But we can tan ourselves in 8 hours and 50 minutes of daylight […]

07 Dec 18

2 Days Later – Isdia, Skydiath 25, 8034 – “Exiting Subspace in three… two… one…” Chief Captain Krick nodded wearily as he watched the gray-scale gradient outside the bridge window dissolve and give way to the deep black of true space. He quickly glanced toward one of the informational bridge displays before leaning forward in […]

06 Dec 18

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, and it is my job, my responsibility, as an astronomer, to remind people that alien hypotheses should always be the last resort. Now, I want to tell you a story about it. It includes data from a NASA mission, ordinary people and one of the most extraordinary stars in our […]

05 Dec 18
The Cuthulu Express

The thing about Love, and the thing about Drugs, and the sorry thing about how Love might be bought by Drugs, or Drugs by Love, was totally misconnected to Professor How’s academic intent. His activist friends who came to see him, fluttering down pipes, chimneys and air-condition vents, were livid. They used wording like injustice, […]

05 Dec 18
Meg Perry Books

By the time I turn onto the curiously named Sleeping Indian Road, it feels as if I’m in the country, although I know that there are housing developments within shouting distance on either side of me. The road winds up slightly through farmed land. About a mile later, I turn left into the driveway. White […]

05 Dec 18
Stevenson Daily Digest

11 Named to All-State Music Ensembles Eleven students have been selected to participate in the Illinois Music Education Association’s annual conference and all-state festival Jan. 23-26 in Peoria. Four of the musicians will be making their second straight state appearance. Junior alto Samhita Madduru was chosen for the All-State Choir, while junior violinist Andrew Lee […]